Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Cute

Hee hee.. I crack myself up sometimes! ;o) Its ok if you don't think I am funny... Isabelle thinks I am hilarious so that is all of the motivation that I need to move forward. One of Isabelle's greatest qualities is her sense of humor (ok, so maybe I just think its her greatest quality since she is one of 2 people out there who find me funny. I am the other one in case you were wondering. ;o) ) She seriously can find humor in everything! I hope this is something that will stick with her through life and keep her laid back and carefree. We went grocery shopping on Friday and when we were checking out she asked if we could go to Wendy's for lunch. I really have no clue why she wanted to go to Wendy's considering the only thing she will eat there is their yogurt that comes with the kids meals and we had just bought yogurt at the grocery store. But whatever.. she was really during grocery shopping (oh yeah, and Wendy's has this delicacy you might have heard of before called a Frosty!) so we went to Wendy's. We are getting ready to head up to the counter to get our frosty when this man says hi to Isabelle. She says hi back and he replies with, "you sure are a cute little boy". I was just kind of like "uhh...ok...."..I mean the girl is dressed head to toe in pink and has pigtails so what gives?? Anyway, Isabelle starts laughing hysterically and says, "Mommy, that man is sooooo funny! He said I am a little boy! I am not a little boy, I am a little big girl and a princess!" Well this man just thought she was as hilarious as she thought he was so he starts bringing his friends and Wendy's workers (I should mention that he and his friends were obviously Wendy's regulars) over to our table for them to hear Isabelle's response when he calls her a boy. Oiy! Wow, I really went off on a little tangent there...sorry about that....anyway my point is that Isabelle has a great sense of humor and loves when I say things to her like "oh you are snow cute" when it is snowing outside.

Back to the whole point of this post...
It was finally warm enough for us to actually go outside and play in the snow! I don't know if I ever mentioned it or not, but we supposedly got a blizzard...or were just on a blizzard warning... I don't know if they ever called it a blizzard. I think we ended up with like 6-8 inches on the ground. During the month of January we have had 3 days that were above freezing...two of those days were Thursday and Friday of this week. I think we have had the same amount of days that we were above 0 too! LOL!

So we bundled up and headed out to play in the snow! Kashmir was really excited for us to go out and play with her in the snow. She loves playing in the snow!!
Isabelle's favorite part of playing in the snow was making snowballs and throwing them. Kashmir loves to eat snow (oh yeah and frozen poop too.. so grosse and disgusting..makes me want to vomit just thinking about it) so she had a blast catching Isabelle's snowballs. That girl really has an arm on her too! I am sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that she has been throwing balls for Kashmir since she was like 6 months old! HAHA!

She started out just throwing them at Kashmir and then turned on me! I mean, look at that form! LOL!

You can see that she was very focused when making snowballs.. she wanted them to be perfect. She gets that from her Daddy, I think.

She would throw a snowball at Kash and Kash would catch it in her mouth and run around like a crazy dog. It was pretty funny to watch! Isabelle just kept throwing snowballs at her over and over and giggling when Kashmir went insane!

Landscape break... here is our creek. I wasn't brave enough to step on it so I don't know if it is frozen over or dry. But there were deer tracks along the creek. We always look for deer but I have yet to see one. I am not sure if I am up late enough at night or early enough in the morning to see them though.
I was pretty impressed with how well Isabelle ran through the snow! I mean, she appears (at least at this point) to have inherited do I put this "gracefulness". We buy normal shoes but I am pretty sure we actually have 2 left feet if you get my drift. ;o)
She did great though running in all of those layers, snowboots that I am pretty sure fit, and limbs scattered throughout our yard from the ice storm. It was rather impressive if I do say so myself. I can assure you that I did not attempt to run in the snow.
Another landscape break... This is our Crabapple tree that split in half. I think that is how you spell Crabapple tree.. I am not really sure... and I have to go get ready to paint so I don't have time to go find sorry..
Another favorite thing was to dig in the snow like Kashmir. This wasn't my favorite activity though because her mittens kept falling off. I was pretty happy that this didn't last as long as the snowballs!

Ok, well it is time for Isabelle and I to go wash down the walls and then start painting. I think Jason is going to be painting the ceiling. We bought a wet/dry vac and a sander yesterday. It was a very exciting day...especially for Jason who had quite a bit of sanding to do in the nursery!! So we are off to be workers!

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