Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Christmas

Like a month late.. I know, I know... sorry! I have been recovering, catching up and trying to get back into routine since we got back. Still not 100% there, but when am I ever so what do I expect?!? But enough about my inadequacies! LOL! Wow, it is hard to remember back so far... yeah I'll just blame that one on baby brain...gotta use it while I can!

So we had the ice storm the Friday before Christmas..we left the 23rd (Tuesday for all of you out there that only ever know the day of the week and not the actual date..) to start our trip to PA. Oh yeah so that was the day my phone decided that it was pretty much done working. We weren't supposed to leave until after Jason got off of work.. we were hoping he would get out a little early so we could try and beat the storm. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we and pretty much all of Ohio was under the same winter storm warning that we were. So Isabelle and I ran our errands and met Karen for the meantime poor Jason is calling my non-working cell trying to see how early he can leave. Fortunately we both get home at the same time...which is around 2:00. Well the storm decided that it wasn't going to hold off for us and the snow is coming down pretty hard. We finish up all of our packing and pack up the Jeep and head out..3:00PM. So we are cruising along 30 when all of a sudden us and everyone around us hits black ice.. awesome. To make a long and boring (only boring because you weren't white knuckled with us in the Jeep!) story short we ended up halfway in North Lima around 9:00.. so what is usually a 3 1/2 hour trip was 6 grueling hours! What a way to start off!

We were very lucky that the storm passed through over night and behind it was a warm front so we just had rain and fog the rest of the trip. That was quite a relief! We got to Dover on Christmas Eve with a little bit of time to relax before all of our festivities began! I forgot my camera at my mom's house so I took pictures using her camera. I don't have any of those pics yet so I can't post anything from Christmas Eve. First we went to my Nana and Papap's house and got to see a lot of family that we don't usually get to see on our trips home.. that was really nice! I was also really excited to get to see my cousin Allie who I don't think I have seen since our wedding in 2003 and her mom, my Aunt Ruth who was always one of my favorite people and I haven't seen her since I was in high school.. so a good 10-12 years! It was really great getting to see them and chat for a little before they had to head out. It was definitely one of my favorite moments from our trip. Isabelle had a great time performing for whatever audience she could conjur up..which was not difficult! Christmas Eve at Nana's house was always one of my favorite parts about Christmas so I was really glad that this year it was at her house and we were able to go.

After that we headed to Carol and John's (Jeff's sister and brother-in-law) for Christmas with his family. Here Isabelle got her first taste of opening Christmas presents..and boy was she a fan! She wanted every toy opened as soon as she opened it! There were a lot of kids here and she had a blast playing with them. It was really nice to get to spend some time with all of Jeff's family and reminisce with Carol and John about how great Maui was... they happened to be on the same plane as us going to Maui when we went last January... ahh, how I wish we were gearing up for that trip again right now!!!

Then we headed to Jason's Grandma March's house for Christmas Eve with his family where more presents were waiting for Miss Isabelle! She was sad that Emily was already in bed and she didn't have a chance to play with her, but they were able to get lots of playtime in then on Christmas and Saturday. Isabelle was very excited to open her my little pony toy from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa March and play with it with Grandma Sipe. While Isabelle was playing (and I was scarfing down peanut FAVORITE!) we heard some sirens and we looked out the window and there was Santa on the firetruck! I had totally forgotten that Santa rides around on the firetruck through the town on Christmas Eve so I was just as shocked as Isabelle was! He was stopped right in front of their house so we all ran outside for Isabelle to see him. He came over and said hi to Isabelle.. she isn't a fan of Santa so her excitement disappeared the closer he got. She said, "ok, I ready to go back inside and play now!" Haha! First I told her to remind Santa what she wanted for Christmas so she told him "I want Snow White" and then she was ready to get her behind out of there!

It was getting late so we headed back to my moms house to open our new pj's and get Santa's plate of cookies ready for him. Isabelle very meticulously picked which cookies to leave for Santa. She must have picked some good ones because Santa managed to eat every single one of them!

Here is Isabelle in her Christmas pj's that she got on Christmas Eve. It was about 11:00PM and she said she wanted to sit with Lily for her picture and I wasn't about to argue! LOL! So this is as good as it gets!

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