Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chatting with Isabelle

I am working on uploading Isabelle's videos from the camcorder and came across this from June. She loves her ABC's!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

2 year pics

I finally got around to doing Isabelle 2 year pics..I know, I know..a little late, right! Well I guess better late then never! We went to Foster Park. The weather was perfect and the flowers were all in full bloom. Isabelle really got into it in the beginning with her poses and then got a little bored towards the end. I put them up on the photo gallery website but just wanted to share a few of my favorites! Enjoy!!

19 days till Disney!!!

Sorry I have not posted in awhile!! We have been crazy busy here!! I started making some custom outfits for Isabelle for Disney. She is loving picking out fabric and is very excited for the trip. Every morning when we are getting up she exclaims, "I am so excited for Walt Disney World!" and then we have to name off all of the characters she will meet! HAHA!

The weather has been perfect lately so we have been playing outside a lot. Last week we were outside playing when she decided she wanted to pose on a rock and have me take her picture. haha!! Here are some from our "mock" photoshoot I guess you could call it! She is quite the ham!

And of course Boo is never too far away!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chasing Butterflies

The other day we were down playing by the stream. I think I was throwing the ball for Kashmir when I looked over and Isabelle was chasing a butterly.

She was so focused on catching the butterfly that she didn't even realize I was watching or taking pictures of her.

She chased it around for awhile trying to catch him between her hands. When that didn't work out she found a leaf and tried persuading him to land on the leaf. He didn't fall for that either! LOL!

He always remained in the same area..almost like even he was enjoying their little game of cat and mouse. I think I would have died if he would have landed on her leaf! She could be like the butterfly whisperer. HA!

She never did catch him though! Maybe next time!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Photo Gallery

Great news! So I finally figured out the new format of our .mac I guess a .me account. Anyway, I guess it wasn't as complicated as it looked..its actually pretty user friendly afterall. Haha! So I will still be able to put lots of pics up on that website and have different albums. Oh, also..the good news... you can download pics from the site to your own computer. I would think that they will maintain their quality. Let me know if you download a pic and how it works. I'd be interested to hear.

Here's the gallery...check it out!

Oh, one more thing! If you have a pic to add to the album you can upload it to the website too.

I'm glad I didn't give up and actually went back to try and figure it out because its really cool!

ETA: I added a direct link to the photo gallery on the side bar

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Strawberry Love

Isabelle and I both have a love of strawberries...we love eating them, we love strawberry flavored things and we love clothes with strawberries on them..for her not for me! ;o) She has quite a few outfits that are decorated with strawberries, but I think this dress is both of our favorites this summer. She would wear it everyday if I let her...and I think I would let her except she is obsessed with eating yogurt everyday. She's not the world's cleanest yogurt eater so then that would mean I would have to wash the dress everyday and, well, that is just not going to happen! Haha!

She's working on figuring out her tricycle. She's almost got it.

She will go forward a little and then go backwards but can't continuously go forward yet. I think she'll have it by the end of the week though.

From the look on her face it appears that I am more confident in that then she is. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Biting her lip just like Mommy does. haha!

Oh the drama! Its so hard being two. It really is.. you have no clue!

I secretly do wish I had this dress, but I wish it would look just as cute on me. Fat chance of that happening. LOL! I digress, I love when she runs with her arms behind her. I am sure it is for the purpose of being more aerodynamic..she's smart like that.

Running down to the apple tree to gather apples. She is quite the fan of apples! That's good because someone needs to eat all of those apples and Jason and I really aren't big fans of apples. She even likes them before they are fully ripe. Strange.

And here she comes with her of which I will be forced to eat (blech!). I would be much more excited if she came back bearing strawberries...oh but goodness I can't even think of all of the oxy clean that it would take to get all of those stains out! Yikes!

Hey Hollywood!

When Isabelle was an infant we bought these sunglasses from Target that had a strap that velcroed in the back. They were in a drawer in Isabelle's room. Sure enough, she found them and insisted on wearing them. It was so cute because they are rather silly looking glasses but she just thought she was so cool! She was so excited to go to the park and show her friends! She even said she was going to let Adan wear them.

All of her friends shared in the excitement of Isabelle's sunglasses and she ate up all of the attention. You could just see how proud she was in the way she strutted around the park sporting, what she considered, the coolest pair of sunglasses at the park..but maybe even in the world. Ahhhh, the sweet innocence of a two year old. Always a constant reminder not to forget to treasure the small things in life.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meltdown can occur at any moment...

Need I say more? HAHA! I wish I could remember just what set off this meltdown, but, well the possibilities are endless! And I just can't help but to take pictures of the meltdowns..its like a compulsion or something. But anyway, she started off playing with Daddy..lots of smiles..lots of giggles..

even Kashmir was happy!

But somehow we ended up here...

But the world will never know why.

Well, that's it for today! Sorry for so many posts, but I just have so much to say!

New house!

Welcome to our new house! I'll post more pics of the inside and backyard when I get around to taking them. There's not too much inside right now..our whole main floor (except for our bedroom) is pretty much empty. We've kept all of our downstairs furniture in the old house to try and help it sell. So our current kitchen table consists of camping chairs and tv trays. Whatever works! The camping chairs also double as our living room furniture when we are in the living room. Very versatile! Isabelle and Kashmir seem to like it without the furniture..lots of room to run around and act crazy! We pretty much do all of our living in the basement in Isabelle's playroom.. lots of toys, our tiny TV that is usually in our bedroom (since our normal tv is still in our entertainment center at the old house), and our futon (not very comfortable I have come to learn)! We are as settled in as we will be for awhile. Hopefully the old house sells fast!!! We have quite the laundry list of renovations we will be doing though and can't wait to get started! Promise to post more pics of the house soon!

Lake Life

Good friends of ours have a lake house and we have made somewhat of a tradition of going up and spending the day there on Fridays. Isabelle loves going to "Adan's Lake" as she calls it. She loves boat rides and swimming and, of course, getting to spend the day hanging out with her BFF! Much to my surprise, she is quite the little safety girl! She is a big fan of life jackets and likes to have one on at all times! Of course in these pictures she isn't wearing one but believe me that is very unusual! With the new house and the craziness of summer we haven't been able to go to the lake the past couple of weekends...hopefully soon! Looking at the lake pics make me hope some lake time is in our near future!

Something new

Thanks to Mac reformatting their whole homepage system I really have no clue what is going with the website. I'm not even sure where it is.. well, I lie.. I did find it, but it is the old format and, well, I really just don't want to use it anymore. LOL! I have been trying to find a different way to keep in touch that can be done more often and in a way that I can share more of what Isabelle is doing, what trouble Kashmir is getting into and anything else going on in our I'll try my hand at this and see how it fits.

I have some extra time on my hands since today is going to be an extra long nap day. Saturday night Isabelle was up from 1:30-5AM and I was lucky enough to be up with her. Ever since then bedtime and naptime haven't been fun times. This has become her most favorite phrase, "I not tired. I happy!" which she says through tears mind you. So, today she didn't fall asleep until 3:30 which means she won't wake up till around 5:30-6:00.

Anyway, I updated the website and added the pics from when Rick and Shirley came to visit. We had a great time! They came over the 4th of July. We had a cookout, Isabelle had her first experience with sparklers, set off fireworks (we didn't go to the actual fireworks since now Indiana is in the EST it doesn't get dark here until around 10 so fireworks didn't start till 10:15 which would have made for a very NOT happy 2 year old...we try to avoid having to deal with that as much as possible. LOL!), played at the park, went to the zoo, and had lots of hanging out and play time! One of my favorite things is that Isabelle calls Rick, "Papoo". I am not really sure where it came from but one day when we were looking at pictures we got to one of him and she pointed and said "Papoo" and well, he's been Papoo ever since!! The things kids come up with!

Here is Isabelle's "surprised" face while doing fireworks

And potentially one of the cutest pics EVER

Anyway, we have been having a great summer and I will update later with more summer pics and some from Sue and Ron's visit. But, alas, the ever dreaded buzzing of the dryer just sounded which means I am off to fold laundry. Blech!

Till next time!