Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Been MIA..I know, I know...

Just wanted to pop in and say that no we have not fallen off the face of the earth! HAHA! I know I haven't posted anything in a long time and I am so sorry about that! We have been busy with getting Christmas decorations up and getting ready for Thanksgiving! Well, and the main reason is that I have finally given in to all of the Twilight hype and am spending every moment of my time reading! There are only 4 books and I am almost finished book 2 so there is an end in sight! LOL!

So excited for tonight though.. I am going with some other obsessed friends to see the movie!! It is going to be so fun!! :o)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Weekend with Pap and Mel-Mel

My Dad and Mel came out for a visit this past weekend. Isabelle was so excited for them to come out! It was too short of a visit, but we had a great weekend..despite the cold weather and rain! We weren't too shocked though considering everytime they come to town it is bitter cold, so, hey, what's some rain thrown in?!?

They got to town Friday early evening. Isabelle and Mel kicked off the weekend with some serious coloring! Mel got a taste of coloring with Isabelle..basically you have about 10 seconds to color a picture before she turns the page! HAHA! We hung out for a bit and then went to dinner.

Saturday morning there was more playing and hanging out! Then we all got ready to head out for lunch. Jason had decided where we should go to lunch and we were all very excited..well, we got there and they don't serve lunch on Saturdays! Woops! So he came up with 2 more places to go and neither of them served lunch on Saturdays either! That kind of stuff happens to me and Jason all of the time, but it is usually on Sundays! HAHA! After lunch we went to the mall. Isabelle is in love with the Little Mermaid movie which is currently MIA so Daddy got her one of the other Ariel movies.. needless to say she was very excited! Then she was surprised by Pap when he got her the Princess Make-up table at the Disney Store! She had been drooling over it earlier when we were in there and when she realized that Pap was getting it she got really excited! She had the biggest smile on her face. It was so cute! She helped him carry the box to the car and wouldn't take her hand off of it. She helped Pap set it up when we got home and couldn't wait to try it out!

Then it was time for the moment Jason had been anticipating for months..it was time for the James Bond movie! Isabelle spent the evening hanging out with Karen and watching her new Ariel movie while we went to see the new Bond movie and go to dinner to Club Soda where the have "the" James Bond martini! I thought the movie was good..Jason, on the other hand, is still analyzing it! LOL! The night was a lot of fun! I am not going to lie.. I really missed my wine and espresso martini...oh, and not to forget my sashimi tuna (drool..)..and even whined about it a little..or a lot.. (hee hee!) but it was still a ton of fun!

Sunday morning we realized that the weekend had flown by so fast that we never took a family photo! So we took our picture with me, Jason and Isabelle in our pj's and Dad and Mel in their traveling clothes! LOL!

Sunday after they left for their journey home, Jason wanted to go to 2 furniture stores.. big surprise that they were closed on Sundays!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

All the fun pregnant details and stuff!

So..pregnant again! Haha! Our goal was to have the birthdays close so we were really hoping to get pregnant in September. I couldn't believe it actually happened according to plan though! Actually it has taken quite a while for it to sink in and feel real... I think it is because we are so wrapped up in taking care of Isabelle that most days I forget I am even pregnant until I sit down to relax at the end of a day!

Right now I am 11 weeks.. very excited to be nearing the end of the 1st trimester. I have been so fortunate to not really have any symptoms or sickness at all. The only thing I have really experienced is being utterly and completely exhausted! It works out nicely though since Isabelle likes to sleep in, take long naps and go to bed early. I have just assumed the schedule of a 2 year old! LOL!

So far so good in the blood pressure department so I am happy about that. Hopefully it won't go up at the end again. Also doing good in the weight gain department! Eleven weeks in and haven't gained any weight yet (actually lost 2 lbs however that happened!) and also am not showing yet!

We've been to the Dr's at 5 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks.. next time we go back is 14 weeks. I gotta tell you I am really enjoying the benefits of a 2nd pregnancy with the same Dr! So far I have gotten 2 free ultrasounds! Our insurance only pays for 1 ultrasound so with Isabelle we got the one at 20 weeks. With this one they gave me one at 6 weeks during my nurse's visit and then at our last appt at 10 weeks! I've been seeing the midwife at the office and I really love her! I wish she delivered at our hospital, but I really like my OB too so is fine too! Anyway, so she couldn't get a heartbeat on the doplar thing so she said she would just put me on the ultrasound machine quick so I wouldn't worry. First, it was amazing at the difference of 2 weeks! With the 8 week ultrasound it was pretty much just 2 balls and at the 10 week ultrasound the baby's arms and legs were moving around.. it was really cool! The second thing with the 10 week ultrasound was that we learned that the egg probably implanted on the back of my uterus because the placenta is all in front of the baby...making it difficult to get the heartbeat on the doplar thing.

Of course we can't forget Isabelle in a post!! Today we learned that she loves blue cheese.. odd, right? We went to Friday's for lunch and first our waitress was in shock that instead of the classic "chicken fingers and fries" that most kids eat (my child is odd and not a fan of fried food..or chocolate and candy but that is a whole other post!) Isabelle wanted broccoli and cheddar soup! HAHA! She is a soup fanatic! She loves anything from broccoli and cheddar to french onion to clam chowder! Then she pretty much devoured Jason's blue cheese on his cobb salad! I think she more developed palate then I had at 23! LOL!

This morning we went to brunch at our friend's house. Isabelle got to play with 2 of her best friends, Adan and Bobby. They are so cute together.. now they are getting to the age where there are lots of fights to settle but they still all play really well together! So she was excited to play with them and get to see baby Kate (Bobby is a new big brother!!) and we were excited to eat good food and spend some time with friends.

Well, I am off to enjoy some more family time and a nice warm fire! Oh, almost forgot I have to add the ultrasound pics.. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Here are pics from 8 week ultrasound.. Meet Baby Koons #2! Oh and looks like there is only 1 in there! Whew!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family News!

Here is a video of Isabelle sharing some family news and talking about her surprise!

I'll try to get our 8 week ultrasound picture uploaded and posted this weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Sunshine!

Isabelle and I hit the polls today after gymnastics. It is me and Jason's first time voting in the general election. It's probably best that we never did before considering we didn't know anything about any of the candidates and didn't really have much of an opinion on any issues. I am pretty sure everyone has an issue on this election, though! I am so not a political soapboxer, so have no fear, I will not be spouting off all of my opinions! I know this was everyone's concern since I am such an outwardly opinionated person! LOL!

Last night we had the news on...which I think it might be the first time in my life that I have watched the news as we never watch it..but we were watching it for election stuff. Isabelle kept asking who the people were on the tv so we told her about Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain (or "Mr Bobama" and "Mr CaCain" as Isabelle says!). Obviously, she is 2 so we didn't get into some in depth political debate with her, but we told her they both wanted to be the president and that tomorrow we were all going to vote for who we wanted to win. She listed some people and asked if they were going to vote and kept pointing at Mr. Obama and Mr McCain on the screen. So I asked her if she would vote for Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama. She didn't think long and replied, very enthusiastically I might add, with "Mr. Bobama"! LOL! I asked her if she would vote for him because she liked saying his name and she said, "yep". HAHA!

We waited in line to vote for a little under an hour. Jason was there at 6AM this morning and had to wait for 1 hr 45 mins. I was really hoping that long of a wait was not in our future! I brought lots of little toys and snacks to help keep her occupied. We vote at Animal Care and Control so luckily there were lots of animals for her to look at. She did great at the polls and one of the volunteers gave her a cookie for being such a good girl. She drew lots of pictures of trees for the people waiting. It seemed like she helped them pass the time too with her drawings and songs. She is definitely quite the performer! And she loved telling everyone about how Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama both wanted to be president and asking them if they were going to vote!

A lot of things that we talk to Isabelle about, for example the election, you never really quite know what she gets and what she just memorizes and is good at repeating in context. I was quite surprised though that when I went to get her up from her nap she greeted me with, "who won?"..."who won what?" I asked. To which she says, "Who won the race? Mr Obama or Mr McCain?" I think this little girl is never going to cease to amaze me!

Hope everyone gets out and votes today!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Princess Power!

One of our new favorite hobbies is to watch Isabelle play with her toys. Sometimes it is very hard to just watch and resist the temptation to not join her and dive head first into the little world she has created..a world so pure and so innocent.

A world where Princesses ride around on firetrucks and fight fires and then go to Cebolla's when they are hungry! LOL! I think we eat there too much!

It is such a treasure though to witness her imagination at work..the stories that get told and the songs that get made up. When she is in her world she is totally and completely lost in it all...she notices no distractions...

Except of course when I get caught taking pictures... woops! Pay no attention to the crazy lady with the big black camera pointed at you!

We noticed her imagination start to really take off around the time we went to Disney. We had gotten her the Princess figures to help entertain her during lines and anytime we had to wait while we were at Disney World. They have ended up being the best $10 I think I have ever spent! Now at least 3 or 4 princesses go with us everywhere..Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Belle. She also says good morning to them every morning when she comes downstairs. They used to be allowed to go to bed with her, but then we had some sleep issues so now the princesses have to stay downstairs and make sure Kashmir behaves! Most of the time they do a pretty good job!

Also, take notice to the dress..she is Sleeping Beauty. Dressing up has become a big thing around here. She loves dressing up in the princess dresses that she has! We haven't reached the day where she wants to wear one in public but I am sure the day is not far away!

I love the look on her face when she is playing.. she is so focused! I think she makes the same face as Jason when she is focused. I wish I could find one of him focused on something...I guess its not as much fun taking pictures of him when he's working on something. haha! Her bottom lip goes out the same way his does when he is focused intently on something. Its so cute!

I also love how she sits Indian style..or I guess the new politically correct way is to say "cross-legged".. either way I think its super cute.

When we moved we found a box labeled "Jason's firetrucks". First we looked them up to make sure they weren't worth millions.. you can imagine our surprise to f ind out that they aren't. So they became Isabelle's to play with... and, naturally, the primary mode of transportation for the fire-fighting princesses! I sure am glad we have princess power protecting our home!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a beautiful sight!

I forgot to post some very important pictures!!