Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're having a....


The Dr said everything looks perfect so far! I am so happy and so relieved and so thankful! I forgot the feeling that you get when you see the baby on the screen...arms and legs moving all is so wonderful! I feel like we are so blessed to be having one of each, and I am so glad Jason is going to have a little boy to teach all those boy things to! (oh yeah and take to the potty when we are in public! LOL!)

Isabelle loved getting to see all of the little baby's parts on the screen. She was most excited about seeing the mouth for some reason. She kept asking our ultrasound tech, April, to show her the mouth..I have no clue why!

So everyone knows that Isabelle was convinced the baby was a girl. April announced that we were having a boy and Isabelle says, "No Mommy, the baby is a little girl". I thought she was going to start crying. I felt so bad for her! Everytime someone at the office would say something about us having a boy Isabelle would correct them to let them know the baby was in fact a little girl! HAHA! On the way home I asked her what she thought we should name the baby now that we knew he is a boy and she said Siren. I said that I thought Siren was a girl's name and Isabelle informed me that Siren is a boy's name or a girl's name! Awesome cause I was really worried about not getting to name the baby Siren!

I will try and scan the ultrasound pics this week!!

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