Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shrine Circus

A couple of weekends ago we took Isabelle to the Shrine Circus. She remembered the circus from when we went in May so she was very excited! They have a fair with free admission so we went to that before the show started.

There were tigers, an elephant and a camel out to look at. Isabelle loved being able to see them. Her favorite was the elephant. In case you were wondering my favorite was the tigers. ;o)

The pony rides were the first thing we did and of course she loved that! I am really excited about her love of horses! I can't wait till we can go riding together!

We thought she would like the petting zoo so we took her over to that, but we were wrong! She didn't want anything to do with the petting zoo. It was kind of crowded and she is not really a fan of crowds.. can't say I blame her. She gets that honest from both of us!

She said that she wanted to do the camel ride so Jason went to go get more tokens. Neither of us were very excited about her doing the camel ride. We both kind of knew that once she realized she was getting on a camel with a bunch of strange kids she wouldn't be very excited about it anymore either...we just hoped that she realized it before she was up there and the ride had begun! Well, we were right and she decided against it when it was time for her to stand on the steps by herself. She said she wanted to ride the pony again first. Yeah ok! Haha! This time Daddy walked around with her.

After that pony ride she said she wanted to do the elephant ride. HA! Luckily it was getting close to showtime and the elephant ride line was veerrryy long and it also would have meant one of us had to get on it with her. Whew.. glad we lucked out of that one!

I'll tell you what though, I don't think those Shriners have to do any more fundraisers for the year. I was tricked by just how cheap the tickets were.. no where they get you is in the "Free Admission" fair where you buy tokens for the rides and activities. Most of the activities required $5.00 in tokens.. a $5.00 pony ride.. can you believe it?? Then they have all of these light up toy things..and I mean every kid has one of these wands. Of course Isabelle couldn't fall in love with the $8.00 light up wand.. nope, they had a butterfly one for $20.00 that she chose.. of course, right? It is pretty cool.. its the one I would have chosen too. Hee hee! And she still plays with it at home so at least we are getting our money's worth!

The show was really good. They had a lot of good acts. In May, Isabelle's favorite acts were ones that included animals, but this time they were the mini clown acts and the ladies that spun in the air from the hoops. We didn't get out of the coliseum until like 10PM so of course she passed out on the way home with her light up butterfly going crazy trying to send me and Jason into a seizure. We had a really fun family night!

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