Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Christmas Part 4 ~ Christmas with Papoo and Grandma

Saturday morning we hung out at my mom's house until Rick and Shirley got to town. Isabelle got the Tinkerbell movie for Christmas so she wanted to watch the movie. Of course she had to put on her Tinkerbell outfit!

Then we headed over to Courtney and Dan's house to celebrate Christmas with Jason's dad. They had just gotten to town from North Carolina. They left at like 3AM I think! Crazy! They are tougher then us.. we leave the night before and stay halfway in a hotel! HAHA!

Again, Isabelle was delighted to see some princess wrapping paper under Aunt Courtney and Uncle Dan's tree! LOL! When we got there Emily was napping so we ordered some pizza for lunch. While we ate, Isabelle didn't waste any time checking out Emily's stash of toys! Emily woke up not long after lunch. I felt so bad for her.. she was sick and you could tell that just being awake was a struggle enough for her. Poor girl.. I hate seeing sick babies. :o(

Then it was present time! I think Isabelle saw Aunt Courtney and Uncle Dan helping Emily open presents so of course then she needed my help! She was very excited about getting to open all of the boxes once she had the presents unwrapped. She had fun checking out Emily's new presents too!
I have no clue what is up with this smile but its the one we get when we tell her to smile!
Sleepy and sick Emily with her new doll

Grandpa Koons and Emily
Grandpa (Papoo) with his girls
Grandpa and Grandma Koons with Isabelle and Emily
Isabelle snuggling with Aunt Courtney
Decorating Daddy with Christmas bows!

Awww! Hugs for Emily!

Ooh and I just have to add that Jason and I got the BEST toffee in the world from his Dad and Shirley for Christmas... omg seriously it is melt in your mouth delicious. I urge you all to order me you won't regret it. I am trying to keep myself from ordering more because I don't want to end up weighing a million pounds. I am serious.. it is that good! Here's the link.. now go get some! ;o)

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