Saturday, February 21, 2009

24 and 25 weeks

24 weeks

25 weeks.. I look hot I know.. I was getting ready to go workout. Haha!

Nothing exciting to report on the pregnancy front.. at 25 weeks though this is a good thing! I had an ob appt a couple of weeks ago and everything is still looking good. The midwife at the office said I am the easiest appt she has every month. LOL! That's good to hear!

I totally have a mini Jason cooking though! I am obsessed with coffee right now.. thank goodness for decaf! I love the taste of it right now. I could seriously drink it plain black all day long! No need to judge though as I don't. ;o) Between the coffee and the sweet tooth he is totally a little Jason so far!

Oooh in other exciting news (well exciting to me! LOL!) I just realized the other day that I am 33 lbs away from the weight I was when I had Isabelle!! I was quite shocked to realize that and obviously very excited!

My best friend is about to have her baby girl.. I am so excited. She just had an ob appt and she is already 1 cm dialated and starting to have some contractions..she's in her 36th week.

Oh yeah so you would think I never had a baby before. We were at Chick-Fil-A on Friday and there was a lady there with the tiniest baby.. well I thought he was the tiniest baby. Anyway, I was sure he had to be newborn and premature..nope turns out she had him at 36 weeks and he was 6 1/4 lbs and 18 inches at birth and he was now 3 weeks old. I swear my jaw dropped! I keep looking at these baby clothes I have bought so far and thinking there is no way they are going to fit him!!!

Chuck E Cheese Fun

Mindy and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese a week ago or so. They have both been asking to go for a while so they were really excited! Its not bad going at lunchtime on a weekday. Its not crowded at all so its nice that the kids can run around and burn some energy before naptime!
The carousel is definitely the favorite ride for them there! We just pick the table right next to it and they just keep putting in more tokens! You would think after Disney World's carousel and the double carousel at the mall that this would lose its appeal, but I guess not!
They are so funny to watch play air hockey. They will pass the puck back and forth a few times and if no one hits the goal then they start putting it in their own goals..of course then they cheer for themselves!
We definitely get our money's worth on this game though. One token lasts for 7 points and it usually takes them about 10-15 minutes for one of them to score 7 points.
Another favorite of Isabelle's is the horse race. She is in love with horses and talks about wanting to ride them all of the time. We are both excited for when she gets to ride an actual horse for the first time!

This trip they has accumulated 88 tickets so they each got 44 for a prize. Of course it works best when the prize is the same so they each got a lollipop, a little airplane and stickers. It was quite an exciting day for them already and then to get a surprise at the end just topped it off!

Happy Valentine's Day! (a bit late)

I've been wanting to post for awhile but its been pretty busy here. I usually try and update the blog during naptime or after Isabelle is in bed. Lately I have been spending that time going through Isabelle's old clothes and getting them ready to sell or trying to get caught up on her scrapbook. When I haven't been working on that I really haven't wanted to do much else.

We do Valentine's Day as more of a family holiday so we went out for breakfast after exchanging cards and gifts. Isabelle has been obsessed with this singing and dancing lady (actually I think it is a man, but she calls it a lady) thing so we got her that. It really is the most ridiculous thing, but she loves this weird "lady". Oh and the funniest part is it sings "Love Machine"! HAHA! Then Jason saw a stuffed triceratops (Isabelle's favorite dinosaur) so he picked that up for her too. She also got conversation jelly beans. She was thrilled with all of her gifts.. it was too cute! She loved saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone!
Seriously, who is the little girl in these pictures!?!? I can't believe how much she looks like a little crazy.

Some other things I wanted to share.. Isabelle made heart shaped cupcakes for Valentine's Day. It was a lot of fun baking together. She was most excited to put the sprinkles on at the end. Of course we were all so excited to eat them that I forgot to get a picture of them finished! LOL!

She did a pretty good job and they tasted delicious!!! That's quite a compliment coming from someone who doesn't really like cake!

Can you tell this girl is excited to go to school!?!? In about 10 years I am guessing she will look at this picture and think, "what was wrong with me!?!?!" LOL!

Isabelle loves painting and doing crafts so we do a lot of them at home. She always gets really excited to do holiday themed crafts so we did a lot of stuff for Valentine's Day.

You can see that she just loves getting paint on her hands!
As you can probably guess finger painting is not something she ever asks to do!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

23 Weeks

We had our 23 week appointment today. Not very much to report on.. she said we're doing great and everything looks good so that's a positive. Fortunately its been a pretty boring pregnancy so far... I hope that it continues with that pattern for the rest of the time.

The only bad news to report is that the baby is not a fan of my favorite meal. My fellow preggo friend, Mindy and I go to this restaurant to get our favorite wrap once a week. Well the past 2 weeks about 4 1/2 hours after eating it I have become dreadfully sick so I guess today was my last buffalo chicken wrap. I will be looking forward to having one again this summer! I also had Burger King one day last week and got sick from that too so I don't know if he doesn't like that too or what. I don't eat fast food very often so I haven't had it again since then. It will be kind of funny though if neither of our kids like fast food. Hey, you won't see me complaining! So my night is going to be spent with lots of laying down accompanied by some whining. Ugghh... I am ready for it to be tomorrow morning so I feel better!

Remodel Update

So quite a bit has happened since the last time I updated about our remodeling! Two weekends ago Jason sanded all of the areas we spackeled...

Jason painted the ceiling...

And Isabelle and I primed and painted the walls...

Primed Walls..

Painted walls..

Now I should probably mention this isn't the first color we painted the walls. I don't even think I took a picture of it because I am trying to forget about it. We picked out a color we LOVED and painted only to find out that when the paint dried it had an olive green tint to it. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So my week at naptime was spent re-priming and re-painting. Fun stuff!!

Then last weekend Jason started on the trim and casings and I installed the new outlets, switches and lights. I had a little help from Tinkerbell with Cheeto orange fingers.

I am not even going to go into the craziness with the electricity in that room. Basically whoever wired it the first time must have been on crack. I am not even kidding. I'm serious, the closet is wired for a CEILING FAN!??!?!?! I mean, I know its a nice sized closet and all, but seriously!??!?! So it is quite a mess right now. I am taking the week off from dealing with it because my brain was completely burnt out with it all. On a good note though, Jason did an awesome job with the trim! We really love it! For those of you that don't know, we are big fans of nice trim. Its been something we have dreamed about for years so it is soooo nice to finally see it happening! The casings around the doors looks really nice too. He still has to do the trim in the closet and the casings around the window. That is this weekend's project. Then we will either start on the crown moulding or work on finishing the trim by puttying the nail holes and painting it. Hopefully I won't be working on the electrical ALL weekend this time! My fingers are crossed!!!!

Shrine Circus

A couple of weekends ago we took Isabelle to the Shrine Circus. She remembered the circus from when we went in May so she was very excited! They have a fair with free admission so we went to that before the show started.

There were tigers, an elephant and a camel out to look at. Isabelle loved being able to see them. Her favorite was the elephant. In case you were wondering my favorite was the tigers. ;o)

The pony rides were the first thing we did and of course she loved that! I am really excited about her love of horses! I can't wait till we can go riding together!

We thought she would like the petting zoo so we took her over to that, but we were wrong! She didn't want anything to do with the petting zoo. It was kind of crowded and she is not really a fan of crowds.. can't say I blame her. She gets that honest from both of us!

She said that she wanted to do the camel ride so Jason went to go get more tokens. Neither of us were very excited about her doing the camel ride. We both kind of knew that once she realized she was getting on a camel with a bunch of strange kids she wouldn't be very excited about it anymore either...we just hoped that she realized it before she was up there and the ride had begun! Well, we were right and she decided against it when it was time for her to stand on the steps by herself. She said she wanted to ride the pony again first. Yeah ok! Haha! This time Daddy walked around with her.

After that pony ride she said she wanted to do the elephant ride. HA! Luckily it was getting close to showtime and the elephant ride line was veerrryy long and it also would have meant one of us had to get on it with her. Whew.. glad we lucked out of that one!

I'll tell you what though, I don't think those Shriners have to do any more fundraisers for the year. I was tricked by just how cheap the tickets were.. no where they get you is in the "Free Admission" fair where you buy tokens for the rides and activities. Most of the activities required $5.00 in tokens.. a $5.00 pony ride.. can you believe it?? Then they have all of these light up toy things..and I mean every kid has one of these wands. Of course Isabelle couldn't fall in love with the $8.00 light up wand.. nope, they had a butterfly one for $20.00 that she chose.. of course, right? It is pretty cool.. its the one I would have chosen too. Hee hee! And she still plays with it at home so at least we are getting our money's worth!

The show was really good. They had a lot of good acts. In May, Isabelle's favorite acts were ones that included animals, but this time they were the mini clown acts and the ladies that spun in the air from the hoops. We didn't get out of the coliseum until like 10PM so of course she passed out on the way home with her light up butterfly going crazy trying to send me and Jason into a seizure. We had a really fun family night!