Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go here to see some random pictures of Isabelle playing outside in the wonderful weather we were having!!
When I posted the updated pictures of Isabelle's room I meant to keep going with adding posts but, well, obviously that didn't happen! I forget what happened that distracted me, but I am sure it was something VERY important! LOL!

Anyway, I realize this is almost a month late (can you believe it is almost MAY!?!?!) but I wanted to share some pictures from Easter. We did a lot of painting on Easter..walls, ceiling, eggs! hee hee! Isabelle has become obsessed with putting things in the closet beside the front door so that is where we hid her basket this year. It was the 2nd place she looked. The 1st was behind the couch.. which actually was the first place we thought of putting it but then remembered we have a dog and she would probably eat everything in the basket the minute we walked out of the room!

The Easter Basket..she picked out the basket of course it is pink and purple!

Dyeing eggs with Daddy

Showing off her bowl full of Princess eggs!

We got the Disney Princess egg decorating set this year. She was very specific which stickers and princesses went with which colored eggs. Jason was the first one to eat one of the eggs and I thought it was going to give her a heart attack. She said, "Daddy, why are you breaking my eggs!?!?!" HAHA!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gosh I have so much to update about... I think I'll start with Isabelle's room.

These pictures are from what feels like forever ago, but it is after all of the moulding was in and I think it was painted at this point too.

As I have said before, Isabelle said that she wanted pink and purple walls for her room. We decided to do her closet purple and her room pink. She has been so excited to start painting her room. She had asked almost every day since we started her room if that was the day we were painting. She didn't want to help paint the closet purple so I started there and told her I would come get her when it was time for her to paint the pink. I planned to get most of the pink done before having her paint, but after I had 2 walls done she decided to come up and check on the progress. She didn't know that I had started the pink and when she walked in the room she just gasped and got the biggest smile on her face and said "oh Mommy I LOVE it!" It was the cutest thing ever! So then of course she had to help paint! She started off with the roller and a little bit on her fingers and toes and then decided to ditch the roller and just use her hands. That ended up in quite a mess but, oh well, its her room and she had fun!

Jason drew a castle on the wall and he and Isabelle painted it purple. She told him that she wanted flags off of the tallest towers and then she said she wanted stars around the castle. We still have to do some stars but the castle and flags are done now. I'm going to do the stars this morning.

And here is the room (minus the stars) ready for furniture!!! The chandellier doesn't really photograph well but it looks really good in the room. Isabelle is really excited and loves it!

Yesterday we moved in her furniture and so last night was her first night sleeping in her princess room! We still have some stuff to do until it is finished so you'll have to wait a little longer for the finished pics. The room is really coming together and we think it looks really cute. Isabelle came in after her new bedding was on the bed and she said a whole bunch of super cute things about how much she loved has been so fun redoing her room with how involved and appreciative and excited she has been! I can't wait to share pics of the final product!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring has Sprung..

or so we thought! We were getting spoiled by our 60 degree sunny days and lots of blooming flowers...

only to be woken up Monday morning by a giddy little girl exclaiming "IT'S SNOWING! IT'S SNOWING". Blech! Obviously she hasn't learned yet that snow in April is neither good nor exciting! Guess I better step up my game and get on teaching that lesson! LOL! It did lay and everything was white and just awful looking, but the good news is that by the time we got home from the Y it had all melted. Therefore I didn't get a picture to share its awfulness with you all. Hopefully that is it for the snow.. today is back to mid 50's and sunny so I have my fingers (and toes) crossed!

THE Princess Room update

Right now Isabelle has 2 rooms..the room she is sleeping in and her real room. Well she seemed to be getting a little too comfortable in her new room that we were kind of nervous about what would happen when she moved back in to her old room hence her room now being dubbed "the princess room". Hey whatever works, right?!?! She loves it and is super excited so that's all that matters.

All of the construction remodeling work is done so now we are just doing all finishing work. We hung the crown moulding last weekend and today I started painting the left over stained woodwork white...which is why there are so many posts today as I am putting off doing the 2nd coat for as long as possible. hee hee! Our plan is to be moving Isabelle back into the room by the end of the weekend. Her bedding arrived on Monday and she just loves it! We went with the "Elizabeth" set from Pottery Barn Kids. It has castles and carriages and princess things all over it with the bonus of butterflies and stars..definitely the perfect bedding for Isabelle! She really loves it!
As I may or may not have mentioned Isabelle wants pink and purple walls. Well Jason really wanted to do green walls with the bedding and set out to negotiate with Isabelle.... needless to say, Isabelle won! Good thing his clients aren't as cute as Isabelle (or at least he can't see them if they are! LOL!) or else we would be in the poor house!

I just uploaded the pics from doing the crown and I forgot about this one.. Isabelle and her new tool belt! She was so excited to have a tool belt for helping out!

I just took some pictures today of the crown all hung and the room ready to be painted but they are still on the camera. I'll post them when I upload the pics from the camera.
Just a few random pics from recently of our ALMOST 3 year old little princess (yikes!)

She thinks that if she ignores me I will go away.. you would think she would have learned by now that's just not the way it works!

Love her little baseball cap. Poor kid though cursed with the super small head from both Mom and Dad! LOL!

She saw a guy with his hat on backwards a couple of weeks ago and just thought it was the funniest thing!

And one of poor Kashmir who doesn't get enough representation on the blog. Look at those sad puppy dog eyes! She does love performing for the camera!!

31 weeks

See I do wear real clothes! ;o) But I definitely don't enjoy it! LOL! The options for wardrobe being a sahm mom are much better then working clothes. hee hee! Love my yoga pants for sure! Speaking of, Sunday was my 3 year anniversary of not having a job...I can't believe its already been 3 years..that is just so crazy!

The baby was breech at my 19 week ultrasound so they stuck me on the machine at my 30 week appointment. The midwife must not have had anything else to do for the day so we just sat there and watched him for like 20 mins. I swear that ultrasound was longer then the official one! It was so neat to see him so developed and filled out...and not so skeleton-like! She printed out a picture for us too which I was really excited about. I didn't get one so far along with Isabelle so it was a really cool experience. It was also crazy to see him move on the screen and also feel it. Isabelle was excited to get to see her baby brother too although she says she gets to see him a lot when she looks through my belly button. I would try it out but unfortunately I just don't bend that way anymore! ;o)