Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to Remodeling

We started remodeling the kids' bathroom after we got back from vacation. This past weekend we installed the new tub! Our house now has one less colored toilet, bathtub and shell sink! LOL! Jason got to try his hand at plumbing and did an awesome job! There were definitely a lot of opportunities for leaks and he didn't have any! I must say I was impressed!


Vanity and tile removed

Bye-Bye popcorn ceiling!

Bye-Bye wallpapered shelves!

Jason modifying our pipes

LOL.. Getting ready to take apart the old tub. It was fiberglass so he had to protect himself so he didn't get the particles all over his skin.

Bye bye old and stinky toilet!

Last night we did the last test on the tub to make sure none of the pipes leak. I forget what step is next. I think maybe hanging the cement board and fixing all of the drywall we had to tear down. Oh yeah and we moved the exhaust fan so we have to finish that up. Jason has to work Saturday so hopefully we will have a chance to get some stuff done on Sunday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tonight we were in the car heading home from the grocery store. Schuyler was crying and Isabelle asked if he was crying because he was hungry. I said no that he was probably crying because he wanted out of his carseat. She leans over and says, "Schuyler honey, we will be home soon and then Mommy will get you out of your carseat. I know you don't like your carseat but if we would have left it at Scott's then you wouldn't be safe and would have fallen and broke and we don't want you to break" Some of the things that this girl says! LOL!

Monday, November 2, 2009

First Day of School

I don't think I ever posted the photos from Isabelle's first day of preschool. Yeah it was almost 2 months ago but she was just too darn cute to not share! :) School is going great for her. She absolutely loves it and looks forward to it every week. Last Tuesday was Daddy's Day so Jason got to go to school with her. Sounds like they really had a great time. Thursday is our first parent/teacher conference!

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween with a Sparkly Pink Fairy and a Dragon. Isabelle was so excited about her costume. She decided she wanted to be a sparkly pink fairy months ago..I think around her 3rd birthday. When she spotted the costume she gasped and declared that it was "the" costume and she just had to have it! I really wanted them to coordinate and tried long and hard to talk her into being Dorothy...we watched the movie and everything. She now loves the Wizard of Oz, but would only agree to be Dorothy in addition to being a sparkly pink fairy. Yeah, I definitely wasn't buying 2 costumes! Maybe next year! It was really challenging then coming up with a costume for Schuyler that went with Isabelle's. I was so excited when I saw the dragon costume and knew we had our theme..mythical creatures. LOL! Anyway, how stinkin' cute are they?

Isabelle was very excited to get to go trick-or-treating with Adan..errr...I mean Spiderman! The Dad's took the kids trick-or-treating while Mindy and I hung out with the babies in the nice warm house!
Of course Halloween would not be complete without a halloween outfit and matching skeleton pj's. Isabelle was a tad jealous that Sky's shirt glowed in the dark, but she got over it pretty quickly once she saw she got to wear a tutu.

Here's our big boy sitting up! Ugh he is growing up too fast...way too fast! :(
The pj's glow in the dark and our new excitement for a Friday night is to turn off all of the lights and have Isabelle dance around with her bones glowing. It is seriously hilarious and very entertaining!

Here's all of the photos from Halloween.. Isabelle is really getting into posing if you can't tell. LOL! I think it put some song at the bottom of the slideshow and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.