Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I can't believe Schuyler is 3 weeks! Wow, it has really flown by! I think just realizing it has been 3 weeks makes me feel insanely exhausted. Its a lot easier to take the sleep deprivation day by day then to realize its been 3 weeks of it so far. I really need to make it a goal to figure out how to get more sleep...maybe I should put that on my to-do list!
We call this little Sky's pensive look... I think he's going to be a thinker..he always has a finger on his head (I've even caught that finger being his middle finger! *GASP* Shame, Shame! LOL!) and he always looks to be really examining things and taking them in when he looks at them. Its so cute..I think he is wise beyond his years..or weeks I guess, huh?
See there he goes with that finger again! Anyway, other things that need to go on my to-do list... remembering to think about dinner. It always seems to creep up on me like it isn't something that happens everyday. Actually just remembering to eat in general should probably go on there too! Haha! For example, yesterday I just remembered at dinner time that I forgot to eat lunch. Woops. It really saddens me that my appetite seemed to stay at the hospital and not come home with me. I mean I am breastfeeding so that is a pretty good excuse to continue with pregnancy eating and yet I am not hungry. Very frustrating. Oh, another thing to add is finding time to shower. Yesterday I actually completely forgot to shower (grosse, I know) but it was just so chaotic that I didn't even have 10 minutes to remember! Don't worry, I did at least brush my teeth and first thing this morning I showered so don't fret, I am clean now. ;o)
I can really tell that he is growing. Isabelle is still attached at the hip to me but I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. I took her into the child watch at the Y for the first time since Sky was born so I could workout and it was like she had never been there before..now mind you the girl has been going to childwatch since she was 6 weeks old! Thank goodness the one lady that Isabelle adores was there and so she came over and got her to finally go in with her. We were meeting Adan and Bobby to play at the play area. I got done my workout early and Schuyler was sleeping so I just went and sat on a chair and enjoyed some alone time. It was grand. I am thinking we will be jumping back into our Y routine rather quickly now!
Oh boy does he love his fingers! And boy does he absolutely hate having his arms swaddled down. The thing about that really stinks about that is he gets startled by anything and everything.. simply falling asleep is enough to send his arms flying into the air. But we try and swaddle his arms down so he doesn't startle himself awake and it just really makes him mad. So he goes through this cycle of fall asleep and startle awake and I just feel so bad for him. Like seriously dude, the 1 thing that you hate is the thing that will save you! haha! Mindy is lending us this special swaddling blanket so we'll try that out tonight..we'll see.
Oh gosh and those yummy baby toes and feet! Love them! He loves when Izzie does "this little piggy on them". But I mean he loves anything that she does!
LOL..this just cracks me up that they both have the same expression on their faces.
Oooh fingers!! yum, yum, yum, yum! This is what he does when he is ready to eat..so yes, mean mommy taking pictures of my child signaling that he is ready to eat instead of feeding him! ;o) But I just love how he wrinkles his little forhead all up
I think this is one of my favorite pictures ever...I know many of you don't know this and probably would be happy to never know this but I have a slight butt obsession so I am sure Jason would say that is why I love it. But seriously that little squishy diapered hiney is just begging for some free spanks. hee hee!
He loves him some tummy time!! There he goes with wrinkling his forehead again..I think he is going to have worry lines before he's 1!
Sorry for just blabbering on but I am trying to avoid laying down and passing out because little baby Sky is going to be waking up and starting to gnawl on that fist of his any moment now. I am aware I said absolutely nothing of substance here, but at least there were some photos to look at, right? Ooh one of my favorite people just stopped by..the UPS man! Wooo hooo!! I'll tell you I like him much better then the Fed Ex guy and here's why. Our UPS man knows that it is naptime during the time he delivers here so he taps 3 times on the glass window beside the door and then props the package up so it can be seen from inside whereas the Fed Ex guy sits it at the garage.. like seriously? That is so not fun. Anyway, off to see what's arrived! :o)

Poor guy

has no clue what he's in for. Just a mere 3 weeks ago he was living the cozy life up in the womb and now he's being forced to play with mermaid finger puppets! Maybe we should book our Dr Phil appointment now! ;o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Campfire of the Summer!

Saturday night we made a fire in the fire pit, roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores! Isabelle was so excited for it! Since she doesn't like chocolate her s'mores consisted of graham cracker and marshmallow. I think she only ate 1 s'more and then moved onto just eating marshmallows out of the bag.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're in love...

This little guy has captured all of our hearts...

Schuyler got to meet his Pappy and Aunt Jess this weekend when they came to pick up Gammy! He was quite enamored with his Pappy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First time alone with two kiddos! Well, they were both only awake for about 5 mins before Isabelle went to bed for her nap. hee hee! My family left this morning..boooo! :o( Isabelle was really upset, but we are going to go to the splash park after naptime so I think that will help! 

Schuyler had his 1 week check-up on Tuesday. They were very pleased that he was already back to his birth weight! He is 25th percentile for height and I think it was 15th for weight. And just like his sissy his head is in the 10th percentile. You won't see me complaining about that though! Since we are 2nd time parents and I guess expected to not be so neurotic we don't have to go back until he is 2 months old. I guess we have proved ourselves trustworthy! LOL! 

Isabelle is doing wonderful as a big sister! The first few days home....like Saturday until Tuesday we had her alter-ego living with us who I affectionately call "Claire". Claire normally makes appearances every once in a while...generally when Isabelle isn't getting enough sleep or having a bad day but for those days we didn't really see too much of Isabelle..it was mostly all Claire. And boy was it exhausting! She and I had a talk about how we are both big sisters and I became a big sister when I was her age so I know how hard of a job it is and how she is feeling and all of that good stuff. Isabelle has always responded well to empathy so thank goodness the talk seemed to work and our sweet Isabelle came back to us! I'm sure we aren't out of the woods as far as adjusting goes but it is good now so we are just enjoying our time of calm! 

She is very helpful and loves performing her big sister duties. Every morning after they eat breakfast she will ask for him  to lay on the couch with her and watch cartoons and he ends up falling asleep. It really is so precious and just makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

I had to go and get blood taken on Monday to test my hemoglobin level to see if I needed to take iron to get my blood supply back up. I never got a call from the Dr's office so I am assuming everything looks good. They said I would probably feel pretty crappy for awhile from the loss of blood, but I am feeling pretty good so maybe it replenished itself rather rapidly or something. Who knows, but on to a different subject because just talking about blood makes me a little queasy...

Today is our 6 year anniversary! We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Chops, on Thursday night to celebrate while Schuyler and Isabelle stayed home and hung out with Gammy. It was nice to get out alone with Jason and have a glass of wine and some normal conversation without constant interruptions for a little chatterbox 3 year old! ;o)   

On Wednesday night Schuyler stayed home with Gammy while me and Jason took Isabelle to Chuck E Cheese. She was really excited about getting some one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy and we all had so much fun. Originally we had planned that it would just be a Daddy and Isabelle event but when it was mentioned again Isabelle asked me if I could go so we decided it probably wasn't a bad idea for the 3 of us to get out alone. 

Jason took off of work Monday and Tuesday so Wednesday will be my first day "back to work". I am sure we won't even make it out of our pj's between me trying to keep both of their belly's full, taking Isabelle potty and changing Schuyler's diaper! LOL! I definitely hope Jason doesn't expect dinner to be on the table when he gets home from work that night! Haha! 

Well I think that is everything that I needed to update everyone on although I am sure I will think of something else! Both kids are asleep and Jason is at Menards so I think I am just going to sit on the couch and enjoy the silence! :o) 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We have 2 ponds in our neighborhood that are stocked with fish. A pasttime of Isabelle and Gammy's has been to take bread down and feed the fish (on the rare days that it hasn't been raining!). Isabelle has loved doing this so I am sure we will be taking many walks to the pond to feed the fish this summer! Mommy and Schuyler were lucky enough to get to go along on this time so of course Mommy had to snap some pictures!

Afterwards we came back home and Isabelle played outside with bubbles and her trampoline.

Fun time ended with a fit from our little drama queen. ;o)