Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Christmas Part 2 ~ Christmas Day

Me and my brother are both such dorks.. we both always have troubles sleeping in on Christmas morning...and by trouble sleeping in I mean I was awake at 6:30 and I think I heard Jason get up around 7:00. Yeah we are losers....whatever. Jason (husband Jason LOL!) isn't much better so that is good for me when we have Christmas at home! Hee hee! So we are all awake sitting on the couch looking at each other waiting for Isabelle to wake up! She finally woke up at like 8:30 I think. She was a little tired since she wen to bed so late and was up earlier then usual. She also likes to be the first to arrive at an event and not the last so she wasn't excited to come up to see all of us just sitting there waiting for her.. I think she is afraid she is missing something! It took her a little while to wake up and decide to start opening her presents. She got a ton of fun stuff and was really excited to open everything as soon as she opened it and spend some time playing with it! It was so cute how every present she said "oooh look at this!" I took a lot of video but haven't had a chance to upload it to my computer yet so hopefully I will get it edited and posted soon! Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics from the morning

Snow White made an appearance Christmas morning!!

Taking a donut break!

Isabelle with Aunt Tif

Checking out her new Fancy Nancy book!

Then my Nana and Papap and Jean and George (Jeff's parents) came over for Christmas dinner. Mom made ham (another favorite of mine.. can you tell I am pregnant? I am very excited about the holiday food! HAHA!) and it was so good. I think I ate leftover ham everytime I was home regardless if I was hungry or not! hee hee! Ooh and also love the pineapple casserole too.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it! ;o)

At 4:00 Isabelle was still taking a much needed nap so Jason headed over to his mom's house and then came back and got us when she woke up. Isabelle was very excited to get to play with her cousin, Emily! She is very into how people are related and who is who's mommy and daddy so she talks about Emily a lot and that she is her cousin and Aunt Courtney is Emily's Mommy and Uncle Dan is Emily's Daddy. Anyway, it was really cute to see them play together! Isabelle loved chasing Emily or having Emily chase her. She also learned that Emily has the same love of lining items up in perfect rows and had some fun with Grandma Sipe's candies! Isabelle was getting into the swing of present opening and was excited when it was time to open them! She opened all of her presents and then proceeded to open ours for us!

Playing with some of her new snap & style babies

Looking at the photobook she got for Grandpa and Grandma Sipe with Grandma Sipe

Then Isabelle said she wanted me to take a picture of her and I together.. she loves when you take a picture with her and you have to hold the camera out. She said what we needed to do for each picture..

I didn't get the memo until after that I was supposed to make a funny face. Woops!

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