Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Sweet Peas

I absolutely love these shirts and I was so excited for Schuyler to grow into his so I could take some photos of them. Isabelle started off not very excited about cooperating, but I bribed her with 6 smarties. Hee hee! Although I think I am smart, but she's the one then that got 6 smarties to eat at 9:00 in the morning....

6 weeks old

I know he is now 7 weeks but goodness the weeks really get away from me now!! He's really starting to be awake for longer stretches at a time and is becoming more interactive which I love. He couldn't go in childwatch at the Y until he was 6 weeks so today was his first time there. I was so nervous...I am not even sure why. Isabelle has been going there since she was 6 weeks and she was born the same time of year so I don't know what my deal was. haha! I told her she needed to keep an eye on him...that seemed to make her feel important and made me feel a little more at ease for whatever reason! He did really well and he wasn't crying when I went back in to pick them up. I think he missed me though because when he saw me he started smiling and cooing and his little arms and legs started going every which way. It was so cute and my heart just melted.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Sky is now in his own crib in his own room. I don't know why but I was a bit sad (ok a lot sad) when we made the change. It made it a bit easier that I had moved him to the other side of our room for like a week or 2 before moving him to his own bed. He had been right beside my side of the bed but his nighttime noises started getting increasingly louder and louder and so I was getting less and less sleep. He actually sleeps really well in his crib...not gonna lie I was quite impressed by that. Jason is really glad he's in his crib now.. he doesn't hear him at all..must be nice. ;o)

Anyway, here are some photos I took of him at 6 weeks old

Boy does this little guy love sleeping on our bed! This is during day..he fell asleep while I was in the bathroom getting ready. But just a little side note about him loving our bed..we just started putting him in his crib at night and every morning after he eats (this is like at 5:30/6:30AM) I will put him back in his crib and he will just whine and grunt and make a whole slew of sounds. Well one morning he woke Isabelle up and that is like waking a sleeping just don't want to do that. So now I am paranoid he is going to wake her up so I will grab him before he gets too loud and just stick him in bed with me. I think that I am being played again though because I find it a little odd that once he is in our bed there is no whining, crying or grunting and he instantly falls into a deep sleep. ;o) Oh well..I get sleep, he gets sleep and Isabelle gets sleep so for now I am just going with it!

So sorry for the icky picture quality and orange glow... He was rootching around (and out comes the Pennsylvania Dutch..haha!) so I just grabbed my camera and didn't change any settings. In these situations I need to grab my point and shoot and just keep it set on Auto! Maybe one of these days I will learn!
I absolutely love that my little girly girl loves to put on her tool belt
(or in this case tool apron ;o) ) and hammer some stuff!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I had these photos on the desktop to share for like 2 weeks so he already looks totally different. I just can't keep up! haha!
Sky is doing well....growing like a weed! I am not sure if I shared this last week or not..if I did please forgive me for repeating myself. Last week I went to the nursing mother's meeting at the hospital so I could weigh Schuyler. Since he's our 2nd child, he doesn't have a well baby visit until 2 months...I guess they think we are now capable or something. Well I was nervous that he wasn't gaining enough weight and I didn't want to wait until he was 2 months to find it out. So we went to the meeting to weigh him. Well he was 6lbs 6 oz at birth and last Tuesday he weighed 8 lbs 14 oz. He had a full diaper so I am sure its more like 8lbs 10oz. I called the Dr's office to make sure that was a good amount for him to gain his first month and they said it was great. So yay! Isabelle has always been a lot like me in that she doesn't really care much about food and eating so her eating has always been a source of stress. Thank goodness Sky likes his food! LOL! It has been so nice not having to watch the clock and set alarms to make sure he is eating often enough....the boy sure lets me know when he is hungry and it is awesome!
He's also smiling all of the time now.. its the sweetest smile. You just pick him up and he gives you the biggest smile. I just love it.
He always has that little forehead wrinkled...its so cute..
He sleeps really well too. He usually goes about 5 hours his first from 10 to 3.. and then 3 hours his second stretch ( 3-6) and then 2 hours his third stretch (6-8). He's a great napper too!
And then there's Kashmir. She is so protective of him just like she was of Isabelle. She likes to be right where he is, but she knows she needs to stay back if we have him on the floor. She also knows she isn't allowed to lick him.. that is really hard for her to restrain herself from doing! Kashmir is definitely a licker!

Ok well gotta go feed Sky and then its off to bed for us!

Love these 2 little people :o)

I think the weather has been awesome this summer...well, when it hasn't been raining and cold.. but other then the raining and cool weather it's been my opinion at least. I guess the good part about having some cool and rainy days is that when it is nice out we want to be outside all day! I guess I really don't have much to say considering I just wrote multiple sentences about the weather. I must be getting old ;o)

Anyway, not quite sure where I was planning to go with all of that but the end result was here are some recent pictures of Isabelle. I still need to do her 3 year pictures. Every night I say that the next morning we will go outside to take advantage of the early morning light and get them done...but then the next morning gets here and staying in our pj's a little longer sounds more appealing. One day though..I promise.

One bonus to the cooler weather is that we are getting much use out of our zoo pass this summer so far! Usually we are there a lot April to June but then it gets mega hot and we don't go very much in July and August. So far this July though we have been there many times and have already paid for our membership in trips. My favorite part about having a membership is that we will usually just do the farm (Isabelle's favorite part), then one other section and end up at the frog pond because what fun is it to leave the zoo when you are 3 if you aren't soaking wet? Here are some photos from our recent trips to the zoo.

This past Saturday Adam and Mindy invited us up to their lake cottage. It was such a perfect day and so nice to get away for a day! Early in the morning we had thunderstorms and then just as Sandy Thompson predicted the skies cleared and it was gorgeous. Tom and Eva came up too so Isabelle, Adan and Daisy all had a blast playing together all day.

I added all of the photos to the summer folder on the photo gallery website but here are some of my favorites!

The kiddos

Sky missed most of the lake since he spent the better part of the day sleeping as always! ;o)

But he was up a little bit to hang out with his future BFF, Blair!