Monday, January 19, 2009

Let the remodeling begin!!!

We have officially started remodeling!! YAY!! The nursery is the room we are starting on...which is the old spare bedroom. Two weeks ago Jason scraped the popcorn texture off of our ceilings. We put plastic up on the walls and construction paper on the floor to help aid in cleanup. It seemed to really help a lot. The prep work takes longer and is harder (well, at least for me since I am not the one scraping! hee hee!) then the actually scraping itself. I forgot to take some pics before we started so here are some from after Jason scraped.

Then Jason did a knockdown (or spanish lace) texture on the ceiling. This was pretty frustrating at first. He tried it during the week after work and the sprayer wouldn't spray the stuff right. He went through an entire container of the texture stuff. He couldn't figure out what he could possibly be doing wrong so he called the sprayer company. We waited the rest of the week to hear back from them. He decided that something must be wrong with the sprayer and he was just going to exchange it. So of course he is at Lowe's when the sprayer company finally calls him back! They said that they didn't think anything was wrong with the sprayer that it was probably the mix had been sitting on the shelf for too long. Jason had already exchanged the sprayer at this point so he picked up some new texture mix. Then that Saturday he did the knockdown texture on the ceilings. I don't know if it was the mix or the sprayer, but it actually worked this time!! He said it was pretty easy too so that is good! We still have to paint the ceiling but here are some pictures of the knockdown sprayed up.

Like the purple stripe on the wall? We are thinking of keeping it! Hee hee! There used to be shelves there so it was quite a shock to us when we took the shelves down!

So then this past weekend we removed all of the moulding and outlets. We are replacing the trim and casings and also adding crown moulding. The outlets are currently almond and we are going to get the tamper proof white ones. Jason is really excited about the outlets. They have them set up at Lowe's with keys and hairpins and stuff to try and stick in them and he loves trying to stick stuff in them. We did a circuit of all of our home improvement stores (with hairpins in our pockets) to try out the different tamper proof outlets and the Lowe's outlets win! This weekend we also spackled.

This is before we removed the trim.

And here is after we removed the trim and spackled (I am going to have to look into exactly how to spell that word.. I am thinking that isn't right..). We are just going to paint the inside of the windows and doors white instead of replacing that wood. Especially with the windows since we will eventually be getting new windows.

So that brings us current with our remodeling projects. Next we are painting the walls and the ceiling and starting on the moulding. I am excited for the part where we get to do the shelving and stuff in the closet! I am loving all of these walk-in closets!! And of course I can't wait to fill it! ;o) Hee hee!!

Now for some other randomness.. we were so good about taking belly pictures with Isabelle.. every week on the same day of the week Jason took my picture. Yeah, not happening so well this time! I was looking through old pics a couple of weeks ago and realized we started taking the pictures at 15 weeks.. woops! So here is the only picture that has been taken so far. I am going to try and remember to take one today.
Anyway, I am not even sure how far along I am in this picture..I am thinking 18 weeks but it might have been at the end of 17 weeks. I think we will go with 18 though then I feel like I haven't missed as many weeks as it felt like I had.

You know what.. I am just going to go take a pic right now so I have 1 for 20 weeks. Then I will have just missed 19 and that's not sooooo bad! Ok, I will be right back with a new pic.... oh here's a cute picture of Kashmir sleeping from last night..

Ok..I am back.. its not the greatest picture, but oh well. Anyway, here is the picture I just took... 20 weeks. I'll be back in 2 days with week 21 picture.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! If you believe that then you obviously really don't know me. ;o)

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