Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Christmas Part 3 ~ Christmas with Pap and Mel-Mel

Friday morning we woke up and got ready to head to Mechanicsburg to celebrate Christmas with Pap and Mel-Mel. Mel was making lasagna (which I was very excited about! Big surprise, huh!?!) to give us a break from all of the traditional holiday foods. Boy was it delicious too! Isabelle was very excited to get to play with Jack (their Jack Russell) and I think he was actually kind of excited to play with Isabelle too. The cat was a different story though.. she was not very happy to see Isabelle. Statistically though, most (ok in our instances ALL) cats are not excited to see Isabelle! I think this was the best that Jack and Isabelle played together. Isabelle has this amazing love and acceptance for all animals (and I mean ALL..the other day we were grocery shopping and she wanted to stop to look at the lobsters in the tank...she told me they were soooo cute!) and she thinks that all animals love her just as unconditionally as she loves them. To further prove my point, her favorite place to go (after Target) is to the vet office, and when we drop Kashmir off for boarding she begs to stay with her and the other animals! haha! What a silly girl!

By this point Isabelle had pretty much figured out this whole Christmas thing. So she knew after we ate that it was time for presents. She had scoped out the tree when we got there and saw some princess wrapping paper so she knew there were some for her!

Isabelle and her own camera!
Telling us who is on her new robe
Showing off her new jammies that she has been drooling over at Target! I am glad I didn't cave and buy them!

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