Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have so much to write about and so many pictures to share but I am feeling like I have a bit of writer's block..maybe that is the wrong word..maybe it is just plain motivation that I am lacking right now. This week was pretty crazy. Isabelle started preschool and I got the bright idea that the same week would be a good time to start back doing scripts. HA! Not one of my finest ideas that's for sure! I will be happy when I have the extra money though but for now I am going to whine about it. :o) Some days were challenging to find the time when I was pregnant (ok, who am I kidding..some of those days just getting out of bed was a challenge! LOL!) so now with trying to figure out our new routine and coordinating naptimes so I can get the scripts done while they sleep...its just been a challenge...we'll figure it out but for now I am just exhausted.. not to mention I have been out of coffee and coke all week. Jason picked up Taco Bell one night on his way home and I asked him to order me a coke. I have never been so excited for a coke. Wouldn't you know they give me a stinkin' root beer. Gag. I wanted to cry.

Ok enough about that. Isabelle has really been getting good at drawing and has been drawing with sidewalk chalk a lot. Just wanted to share some of her recent work :o)

smiley face

a flower

a sad face
She was very proud of her work! She loves drawing and coloring and has really made a lot of progress with both things this summer. It's been fun to watch her grow in those areas. She's almost a better at coloring then I am...almost. ;o)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Isabelle had her first dance class on Monday afternoon. The class she is taking is a combination of ballet, tap and jazz. We were all super excited about dance although I am not sure who was the most excited me or Izzie! We had a lot of fun shopping for leotards! We could only find tights in size 4 so we have to get a pair of them in her size. The ones we got are huge.. as you can see. She got her ballet and tap shoes at the first class so we didn't have shoes yet when these were taken...goodness though are they so stinkin' dear!

We got to class and Isabelle went right in. I was so proud of her! She didn't even look back or anything. They have 2 areas that you can see into the room and it was so fun watching all of the little girls. So so cute! The only issue we had was that the shoe company gave us tan shoes and we have to have black ones so Isabelle didn't get to wear her tap shoes during class. She was bummed about that as she was really excited to make some noise with her feet. They'll be in by next class so that's good!

She doesn't have class next Monday due to labor day (and we'll be on vacation anyway) so next class is the Monday after that. (and the next day after that is the first day of preschool! yikes!)