Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!

We got an offer for the house today and we are accepting it!!!! We are selling our house!!! The new owner is a coworker and friend of Jason's at Sweetwater so hopefully it will be a pretty smooth transaction! We close November 5th!

There is only one part of the contract that I am having a problem with. Jason took him through the house on Weds and he mentioned it then so we knew in advance it would be on there, but its that we have to change the paint color in Isabelle's room. :o( :o( :o( Obviously I knew there was a high chance of someone painting her room but I am not doing well with being the one that has to do it! Everytime I think about it or talk about it I start crying! What a silly thing to cry about, I know!!!

Anyway, as of November 5th we will once again be owners of only ONE home!!!! We are all doing the happy dance over here!!


Courtney said...

Ugggh...I'd hate to be the one to paint over the nursery too! I would think the new owner could just do it - that sucks that he wants you to! Just think, you'll be able to make her new room even better!

Izzy'sMom said...

Yeah it will suck! Neither of us will be able to do it so we have already talked about it with him. It is just him and his son now (his wife just passed away in August) so we want to help him as much as we can. He is also a friend of ours so it is nice to be able to talk outside of the realtors who do nothing but drive me insane! haha!