Monday, October 6, 2008

An Event to Remember!

On September 27th, all 3 of us were in Brad and Nicole's wedding..which ended up being the most eventful wedding I have ever attended..or even heard about in a story!! But I will get to the excitement soon enough!

The rehearsal dinner was very yummy and at one of our favorite restaurants, Chops! Friday started out eventful enough as I had ordered a dress for Isabelle for the rehearsal dinner and then Gap just decided not to ship it! Luckily I checked the status first thing Friday morning and it said it was out for delivery (Whew!!)! So we had to get ready right away and head to the mall to find shoes. We get home with shoes (oh and a halloween costume too..Alice from Alice in excited!) and our package hasn't arrived yet. So I stalk our front door waiting for the UPS man all through naps. I just happen to look back at the tracking page and it says it is set to be delivered MONDAY! AHHHHHH!!! So I call UPS and they assure me that it will be there Friday. Then, what is that I hear? A UPS truck? (yes, I am aware it is sad that I can hear a UPS truck coming down the is a sickness and I promise to one day get help!) Anyway, the UPS truck does not pull into my driveway but into our neighbor's driveway. So I wait for him to come to my door.. I wait..and I wait...and I wait. Oh, what's that I hear..the UPS truck! He must be coming now!! Wait a minute.. he's leaving the neighborhood and he is leaving the neighborhood with my dress!! So now I am on the verge of freaking out. I come up with a plan that I will go out the garage and see if my neighbors appear to be home...if they are not I will simply scurry over to their front porch to see if the UPS man gave them my package. So I head out the garage only to find the neighbor kids playing on their driveway.. obviously they are to go back inside and come up with Plan B. Heading back inside when I spot a familiar looking bag on our garage can't be!! IT IS!! It is my dress! And here is when I started taking back all of the mean things I said about the UPS man! LOL!

Wow, I sure did digress! Anyway, here is Isabelle at the rehearsal dinner opening her present from Brad and Nicole. She got a Sleeping Beauty Barbie doll with a horse. Sleeping Beauty got the distinct honor of sleeping with Isabelle Friday night. Not the horse though..horses don't sleep in beds.. that would be silly!

So, to the day of the wedding! Nicole and Brad had a lot of out of town family staying at the Hampton so she had gotten the suite for us all to get ready.

The getting ready process was going very smoothly and everything was running on time. Everyone's hair and make-up was done and the bride was putting on her dress. Another bridesmaid and I went into one of the rooms to get ready. She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth and I was getting ready to put my dress on when.....the sprinkler exploded RIGHT ON ME! It was the foulest, stinkiest water I have ever smelled and it was pouring on me and my dress! The water was just pouring out!!!! Everything turned into mass chaos! We didn't know what was going on or if there was a fire or what was going on! So we grabbed all of our dresses, someone thought to grab all of the cell phones and cameras and we evacuated the building. Some of the girls had put on their dresses and when they heard us screaming they took them off to come help. So they were standing outside wrapped in towels!!! We went back in the lobby and water was coming through the light sockets! I felt so bad for Nicole because they wouldn't give her any answers or let her talk to a manager! The guys pull up in the limo (of course thinking they are famous because of the huge crowd waiting to greet them..until of course Jason points out that his wife isn't dressed and that can't be a good thing! LOL!). So finally Brad and Nicole were able to talk to a manager. My hair was destroyed and (and I really stunk!) so me, Jason and Isabelle headed home for me to shower. Luckily we only live like 2 miles from the Hampton. Another bridesmaid also got hit by the water so she went to Brad and Nicole's to get a shower. We got our hair and make-up redone and everyone else just got freshened up.

As luck would have it, my dress was the only one that got wet so the Hampton steam cleaned my dress and sprayed it with a ton of fabreeze and something else to get rid of the smell. It still had an odor (but, heck, after washing 2 times so did I!), but it was so much better then it was! Finally, everyone was ready (3 hours later then originally planned) and we were all in the limo heading off for pictures!

The Bride and Groom! Let me just say how awesome Nicole handled the whole situation! Of course at first she was freaking out, but once they were able to talk to a manager she was totally fine! I was so impressed with her! I don't think I could have kept myself together as well as she did! She was so laid back and composed and very "what happened happened and now let's move on".

Isabelle and the ring bearer, Ethan in the Limo

Me with the Maid of Honor, Kristen

And of course, me and my baby!

So we were able to get some pictures taken before guests started arriving for the ceremony. Everything looked so pretty and our flowers were gorgeous! And Isabelle did a wonderful job walking down the aisle with Ethan! She was smiling and holding his arm and..oh my gosh it was the cutest thing EVER! She stood with me up front. We were on a hard floor so she was pretty excited about the sound of her shoes. Miranda, the bridesmaid on the end, ended up holding Isabelle so everyone could hear the ceremony. The ceremony went very well and it was very touching to see 2 of our best friends get married. I am so glad that we were able to be a part of their day!

The reception was a lot of fun too! Isabelle had a blast running around and playing with Ethan. Right after the ceremony she passed out while I was holding her and napped for a little while in my arms. It was quite an eventful day and she was pooped! She got a 2nd wind though after her nap and had lots of energy for the rest of the night. I was so impressed with how well she behaved all day! She was really excited to dance with Brad for the dollar dance. After she was done she said she also wanted to dance with Nicole so we had to go dig out some change from my change purse. She had a great day and is still talking about getting to be a flower girl!

Isabelle and Ethan dancing

Me and my preggo bff, Mindy!

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