Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 5~Disney Hollywood Studios

We had a big day ahead of us today! We went to Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) in the morning and then Magic Kingdom in the evening for the Spectromagic (updated version of Main Street Electrical Parade)! It was back on the bus for us to go to DHS. We really got spoiled by the convenience of the monorail, and dreaded having to ride the bus. We were excited though that this would be the last time we had to ride the bus!

We got to DHS right when the park was opening and headed right over to Tower of Terror and Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster to grab some fast passes. We had some time before they were valid so we headed over to the Animation Courtyard to watch the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show. Isabelle is a big fan of Ariel's and after this show I think she was an even bigger fan! She didn't get scared during Ursula's parts or anything! She was entranced the whole time!

After the show our fast passes were good so we headed over to Tower of Terror and Jason rode that. Isabelle and I just hung out on Sunset Boulevard until he was done. You can only have one fast pass/person at a time, but we figured out how to use the system to our advantage! Jason used one of the cards to get a fast pass for Tower of Terror, then we used the other to get one for Aerosmith, and when we went to go ride it we just asked the lady for a parent swap ticket! It was really convenient! So, Jason went on the Aerosmith coaster first and then I used my parent swap ticket to go through the fast pass line.

We always brought along a couple little cars and little figurine toys for Isabelle to play with while we were waiting in line or waiting for Jason to get on a ride. Isabelle was pretending to put on a little show with her toys and these 2 Disney workers came over to her. They talked to her awhile and asked her all kinds of questions from her name to her favorite princess. Then they gave her a special pin that you can't buy and can only be given to you by a Disney worker! Isabelle was so excited about her Tink pin!

After we were done riding the Aerosmith coaster we headed back over to the Animation Courtyard to see the Playhouse Disney Show. This show was really cute!! It had a lot of Isabelle's favorite cartoon characters: Mickey and Friends, Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins and Handy Manny! She was really excited and loved the show! She was mesmorized the entire time!

She looked like this the entire time! (So did Daddy! ;o) )

After the show we went to Mickey Avenue to do the Backlot Tour. This wasn't as exciting as we remembered it being. It was kind of long and boring..oh and our tour guide took forever to finish a sentence! We were all getting pretty hungry too. When the tour (finally) ended we headed to Hollywood & Vine for our character lunch with JoJo and Little Einsteins. Isabelle got to meet JoJo and Goliath and Leo and June. We had a great table! When the characters came to our side ours was the first table they came too. Isabelle was really hoping Annie would be there but was just as excited to see June!

The only thing that we wanted to do that we didn't have a chance was to watch the Indiana Jones show. The next showing wasn't until 4:15 and we wanted to make sure Isabelle got a good nap since it would be a late night. So we went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Move Set play area to let Isabelle burn off some energy. She had a blast going down film roll slides and running through huge blades of grass. It was pretty cute how it was set up.

Someone's getting sleepy!!!

We headed back to the hotel for naps and then got ready to go to the Magic Kingdom for the Spectromagic Parade. We secured out spot in Liberty Square and Jason went to go get us some dinner. Isabelle had a lot of fun playing with her toys and was very good about sharing with the little girl that was sitting near us! She even gave her one of her glowsticks to play with! Sharing isn't always easy for a 2 year old!

They set up some games to keep the kids busy before the parade started. Isabelle played horseshoes. She was so funny..they had them spaced apart and she went and moved them closer together so she could just drop them on! HAHA!

What a silly girl! She said she was going to look through the window and I was to take her picture! LOL! Boss's orders!

Isabelle loved the parade! She loved it so much and made the parade exciting for everyone around! She was so excited to see every character and all of the floats all lit up. She kept saying "oooh what's that!?!?" and it was in the cutest little voices! Everyone kept looking at her and laughing. It was so cute. She sat up on Daddy's shoulders to watch the parade so she had a great view! She waved to all of the characters and would yell their names. It was definitely one of most memorable moments from our trip!

After the parade we headed over towards the castle to watch the fireworks. Isabelle wasn't as crazy about them since they were so close and loud. She preferred watching them from the beach at the resort.. quite honestly so did I..less crowds for sure!

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