Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 6~Magic Kingdom & Epcot

Our last full day in Disney! :o( Boooo!

We got to Magic Kingdom right at opening and it was the least crowded day of the whole week! We really got lucky with crowds and small wait times all week, but today we didn't have any waits for any rides!! It was so nice! We got on all of the rides in Fantasyland again and then Isabelle got to meet Ariel. Ariel is one of her favorites! We hadn't met her yet so we got in line right before it was time for her to get to the grotto. Isabelle was giving some temporary tattoos from a staff member so she was quite decorated in Ariel tattoos! She was very excited for Daddy to give her a tattoo! She said she wanted one on her arm like Daddy's and one on her leg like Mommy's. When it was her turn to meet Ariel she ran right up to her practically bursting with the excitement of showing her the tattoos. Ariel just went on and on about how honored she was that Isabelle had a tattoo of her on her arm. She spent a lot of time with each kid and really talked to them. She was so friendly. I can't blame her though..I mean she was seated in the shade on a rock and was wearing the least amount of wonder she was happy! It was then that I decided if I was ever going to be a character at Disney that it would be Ariel! LOL!

After saying goodbye to Ariel, we headed over to Tomorrowland so Mommy and Daddy could ride Space Mountain one last time. While Isabelle and I were waiting to meet Ariel, Jason went over and got us a fast pass. So I went first and then we got a parent swap ticket from the lady and then Jason went on it.

In Tomorrowland there are these rockets that go around like Dumbo. Well, Isabelle kept pointing to them and saying she wanted to ride them. There wasn't a height requirement, but you had to take an elevator to get to them as they are on top of this building. I have to admit I was a little nervous, but Isabelle loved them! I rode with her in a rocket and Jason was in another rocket. I let her control how high we went because I didn't want her to get scared. She kept saying she wanted to go up high like the people in front of us! So we were the whole way up and she was loving it!

Here you can see the rockets going around in this picture...

We rode a couple more rides in Tomorrowland and then decided to head back to the resort for lunch.

Jason and Isabelle on our last monorail ride from Magic Kindgom

After lunch Jason headed over to Epcot to ride Test Track and Isabelle and I went back to the room for naps. I started getting our stuff packed while she napped.

Then we hopped on the monorail and met Jason at Epcot for dinner. Jason had gifts for us when we saw him! He got me this purse that I fell in love with at a shop and one of those Japanese drums that you spin in your hands for Isabelle. She caught on right away how to spin it to make it drum. She loves instruments so she was very excited!

We had 2 table service meals left and dangit we were going to use them! We started at the first country and went into every restaurant to see if we could wait. It is really hard to just walk into a restaurant without reservations so we heard a lot of no's! We had hoped it wouldn't be so hard since we got there super early. Finally we found a place that let us wait! It was in Japan and it was one of those restaurants where they cook your food in front of you. We were seated with 2 other families. The 1 family kind of looked like they hated each other and they all looked miserable. The other was a couple of newlyweds and the man thought he was Japanese and kept speaking Japanese to the people tending to our table and bowing to them. At first it was cool then it just got old. haha! The food was really good though!

After dinner we walked around to a few more countries, got Isabelle a maraca and then enjoyed our last monorail ride back to the resort.

The sun setting in Epcot

We hung out on the beach and Isabelle played with the last of her glowsticks while we waited for the fireworks over Magic Kingdom. We also watched the parade on the Blue Lagoon again and got to see Epcot's fireworks too. Isabelle enjoyed the fireworks and the parade. Then it was time for bath and bed and our last sleep in Disney World! :o(

We had a wonderful vacation though and made a lot of memories that we hope to never forget! The trip home went very smoothly. We were able to check our luggage at the resort first thing in the morning. They took care of getting it to the airport and on our plane. They did a good job because all of our luggage arrived safe and sound in Fort Wayne! Isabelle did a good job on the flights especially considering how tired she was! I hope I didn't bore anyone with too many details but I wanted to make sure to write as much as I could remember for scrapbooking and stuff!

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