Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cutie Patootie

Word on the street is we could be getting snow this week (EEEKK!! BOO!! BLECH!!!)! Our garage was still filled from when we moved the rest of our stuff over from the old house 2 weekends ago so we were parking in the driveway. We spent the day cleaning it out so we can once again park in the garage..which we are both very excited for. I never understood those people who have their garages packed full of junk and then park outside, and I am very happy to not be one of those people now! It was fun though going through boxes and trying to condense stuff for the attic. We found lots of nostalgic items and relived lots of stories. We also learned a lesson or 2.. like for instance its probably not a bright idea to put candles in the attic! HAHA! We also got to rid ourselves of some useless junk which I always enjoy! It feels good to have that mission completed and my car is happy to be back in the nice warm garage but now that just means there are boxes in our entryway now that I get to unpack.

I don't know if I posted this or not but we started some renovations in the house. Jason scraped off some popcorn ceiling (YAY!). Some of you might not know but popcorn ceilings make our skin actually ranks right along with fluorescent lighting! Anyway, the room we are doing first is my craft odd room to start with, I know, but it is in the basement and a good place to learn some trial and error lessons. I am excited to just have the whole house done!

Last night we took Isabelle trick or treating at the zoo. She is Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" this year. She looked so cute in her costume and everyone kept telling her how cute she looked. She liked it when people would call her "Alice" like that was her name. LOL! She also really liked getting treats although of course our OCD daughter wanted them to be handed to her and then she would place them in her bucket just right! After we went to Friday's for dinner and she was excited for more opportunities to show off her dress! She is such a performer!

Speaking of, this morning Isabelle was downstairs playing with her toys. Jason and I just sat at the top of the stairs and listened to her for probably a good half hour. It was so cute.. she was making up a song and singing as she went. It was a very dramatic song..lots of dynamic and good use of her range! haha! She is such a ham!

Wow, I really didn't think I had the energy to do a post! Sometimes I surprise even myself! I really just got on to post some photos of Isabelle. One of them Jason says should be an ad for CK!

Oh, gosh, one more thing I almost forgot before the photos of the cutie patootie.. our closing was Friday! We are officially a single home owning family again! YAY! Poor Jason was at the old house every night last week painting Isabelle's room. Isabelle and I really missed him! :o( Closing went really smooth and didn't take long at all. Isabelle came along and she was an angel during the meeting! I was so relieved! It is such a relief to not have to worry about the house selling or the upkeep! We were getting nervous with winter coming and having to get there in the snow to shovel and stuff.

Enough of my are some photos! Enjoy!

Here's Jason's CK Ad mock-up! HAHA! Our little model! Quite the drama queen!

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Grandma Sipe said...

I love her CK picture! She definitely looks like a model!