Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update on us

I have been so bad about posting on here lately! I am so sorry!! There was all the stuff going on with everything falling apart and I have been super exhausted lately so my many, many apologies!

Just a little update on everything that was wreaking havoc on our usually simple lives. My car: still not fixed! The dealer fixed some sensor thing that they were pretty convinced would fix my car.. they drove it 15 miles w/ no problems and no lights coming on. I turn out of the parking light and the stupid light comes on!!! AHHHHHH! It is driving fine, except for one incident today, so for now we are just going to ignore it.
The furnace: the blower door was off.. woops! That is a 76.00 mistake that I don't plan on making again!
The old house: Had the plumbing stack boot repaired today for the awesome price of $30.00. I am really excited about that price because the first place I called told me they would charge us $150.00. How about no thanks! And the a/c was fixed..we just had to top off the refrigerant because it was a little low. So, Jason is painting Isabelle's room again tonight. Mel-he says, "who the heck paints a ceiling!?!" hee hee! ;o) So, we are just finishing up cleaning up the old house and we close Friday! Yay for one mortgage payment again!

Other than that, not too much else has really been going on since I didn't have a car for 2 weeks! We've been playing in the backyard a lot trying to soak up all of the fall weather. This season really reminds us why we bought this house! The backyard is so gorgeous with all of the leaves changing and falling and it is so fun "hiking" and exploring our little woods area.

I have lots of pictures to share so I am going to go work on uploading them and hopefully get some posted tonight.

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