Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cars! UGH!

On Friday night I was headed to Jason's work to sign the offer we received on the house car stopped working ON 69 DURING RUSH HOUR!!!! Yep, I thought I was going to die! Luckily I reacted right away (which is usually not the case.. I usually just freeze in these types of situations and pray it is a dream and I will wake up) and pulled over when my gas pedal stopped working. Jason had to leave work to come get us as semis zoomed passed the car at 80 mph..kinda freaky! This was at like 5:00pm so Isabelle and I just hung out there until he was done working. Thank goodness the car broke only a mile from our mechanic so towing it was only $40. We really had no clue what was wrong with it, but were praying it wasn't anything big.

Monday the mechanic calls and says it needs a new fuel pump. They order it Monday, they fix it Tuesday and I pick it up. Tuesday we basically only drive to the Y, the gas station and then home. Wednesday we meet Isabelle's friends at It's Playtime. When we are on our way home my malfunction indicator light goes on. SUPER! I call the mechanic and they say to just stop in after Isabelle gets up from her nap.. its probably just a sensor that didn't get put back on. On our way to the mechanic when my car starts SHAKING! I really didn't think we were going to make it there! It kept getting worse and worse the whole way there! I was freaking can verify that with Julie who I had talk to me the whole way there in case something bad happened and she could call Jason..yes, I know I am paranoid! Haha! So fast forward through all the fun service stuff and basically the fuel pump they received must be defective and not working properly. It was too late in the day to order a new one for tomorrow so I will again be carless for 2 days! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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