Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 4~Animal Kingdom

This morning we got on the bus and headed over to Animal Kingdom. I was excited for Animal Kingdom because this was the day Isabelle got to wear the outfit I made! She got so many compliments on the bus and in the park! I was so excited!

Just like the other days, we got there right at opening. We went right to Camp Minnie-Mickey to see some characters. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald were the ones there. There weren't many kids down there so the characters were really spending a lot of time with the kids and playing around with them. This is also when Isabelle decided that she enjoyed posing for the "big" camera and really got into it! It was so funny to watch her!

Here is where she really started getting into posing for the camera!

After hanging out with the characters, we did the "It's Tough to be a Bug" attraction. Its another 3D thing, but much better then Honey, I shrunk the audience! Isabelle kept her glasses on for this one. She kept peeking out the top to see if the stuff really was right in front of her face! LOL!

And this is right about the time my battery went dead and we realized we didn't charge the battery last night! Woops! We got a disposable camera from a giftshop but haven't developed the film yet. I'll add those pics once we get them on a cd.

So, we headed over to Dinoland and road the TriceraTop Spin..another Dumbo type ride. We walked around Dinoland for a little but there really wasn't much else there so we went to Asia next. We grabbed fast passes for Expedition Everest and then went on the Mahajara Jungle Trek. Isabelle got to see lots of animals, but it wasn't that big of a deal to her. We figure its probably because we spend so much time at the Fort Wayne Zoo. The tiger exhibit was pretty cool though..ours are always hiding! Next, we went to Africa and walked through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. We got to see some gorillas and hippos, but again, much like the zoo! By that time our fast passes were good so we went back to Asia to ride Expedition Everest. Jason rode first while I waited with Isabelle and then I went. It was really a good ride! In true Disney fashion, it wasn't just a plain roller coaster but was more of an experience. It was a lot of fun and I think it was a favorite for both of us.

We took a break to get some lunch after "Expedition Everest". Then we rode the wildlife express train to get to Rafiki's Planet Watch where they had a petting zoo and more animals. We didn't have too much time to spend there before we had to get back on the train so we could use our fast passes for Kilimanjaro Safaris. We had a good tour guide for this too and it was a lot of fun! Isabelle was getting tired though so she wasn't too excited about sitting on the seat and staying still.

At this point we were all pretty hot and tired and had seen pretty much everything. We decided to head back to the resort to get a good nap (and charge the camera battery!!) in before we went to the Fantasmic show at MGM that evening.

We all felt rested and ready to go after a good nap and Isabelle was happy to have some down time to play with her toys in the room. We ate dinner at MGM and then secured our seat for the Fantasmic show.

It was a really good show! Isabelle loved all of the characters, but got a little scared during some of the loud and scary parts. She just buried her head in my chest and I covered her ears. It had a happy ending so she was happy at the end and said that she loved the show! After the show we decided that I would go fight the crowds to get the stroller and then meet Jason and Isabelle at the entrance to the ampitheatre. We turned on our phones so we would be able to find each other. Well, I guess in the hustle and bustle mine fell out of my backpack! I walked up and down the road looking for it and was so nervous I wouldn't be able to find Jason and Isabelle (and more importantly, what if my phone was lost FOREVER!?!?! LOL!)! I went to the entrance of the ampitheatre and waited for them. Luckily they saw me and came over! Even luckier was that Jason called my phone and a worker, Larry, had my phone! YAY!!! My phone was safe and back in my possession! I was really quite nervous!

Then we headed back to the resort and off to bed it was for us!

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