Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Playing in the leaves

Two weekends ago we made a big pile of leaves for Isabelle. She had a great time jumping in them and making it rain leaves! At first she wasn't really jumping in was more like walking.. so Daddy had to come and show her how it was done! Kashmir was hilarious with the leaves! When we would throw them up she would try and catch them in her mouth...that silly dog will eat ANYTHING! Then she went crazy running through the big pile! Isabelle was hysterical with laughter! Oh, and a small disclaimer in case anyone notices Jason's gloves.. I don't want you all to think he has some weird hand disease or dirt phobia or something and always wears gloves! LOL! He was chopping wood before leaping into the pile of leaves! Yeah, yeah..I know none of you believe me anyway.. ;o)

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