Monday, September 22, 2008

From the top

So I uploaded all of our pictures from the Disney trip.. over 800! OMG!!! That's a lot of pictures to go through! So what I am going to do is try and do a day at a time. That way I don't forget anything and also don't have to tackle all of those pictures at once. So, as the Mad Hatter would say, "Start at the beginning and when you get to the end, stop" and that's just what I am going to do! LOL!

So, the beginning.. our flights all went very smoothly on the way to Disney. We left at 12:30 which allowed us enough time to get ready at our own pace and still be able to stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up some flight reading material. It was rainy and cold when we left Fort Wayne. Isabelle was, as she always is, very excited to go on the airplane!! It was nice with her having her own seat. She had lots of books and toys to keep her busy. On the flight from Atlanta to Orlando she made friends with a little German boy her age that was in the row in front of us. He even shared his german candies with was banana and black licorice flavored candy.. Isabelle liked it though I wasn't surprised..she has quite an interesting taste in foods!

So we got to Orlando and were set up to take the Magical Express Bus to our resort, The Polynesian. We signed up for the Magical Express service late so we didn't get the special luggage tags. Instead our travel agent told me to take pics of our luggage and give it to the desk... well they all got quite a kick out of this as they passed out my pics and detailed description of our luggage! Glad I could make someone's day! haha!

So we got to the Polynesian Resort at like 6:00PM. We are at the registration desk when the guy informs us that we had been UPGRADED!! Wooo hoo! We were upgraded to a private building that we need our room card to get in to at all hours! We had a Private Concierge in the lobby..which was actually SUPER nice! When we would go through the Main Ceremonial House the concierge line was always really long! It was so nice to just go downstairs and make reservations for dinner or ask them a question!

Now, the best part was that we had our own private lounge! They had different set-ups througout the day. Mornings they had a lot of different cereals, bagels, pastries (Isabelle is quite the fan of the cheese danish!!) and this awesome coffee maker that made anything from regular coffee to espresso to lattes and hot chocolate! Then they had a lunch set up but we were never there for that so I don't know what they had for that. Then from 5-7:30 they had appetizers and drinks (water, coke, beer and wine). The appetizers were so good! Sometimes we really had to hold back as not to spoil our dinner!! They always had lots of kid friendly foods too. This was really nice since Isabelle was 2 we didn't have to do a dining plan or anything for her. So she was able to eat from there every night and then we never had to buy her a(n extremely overpriced) dinner! Then from 8-10 they had desserts and cordials. I am sure we were probably a little too excited about the lounge but when it comes to free food and drinks we don't mess around! LOL! The lounge overlooked the Blue Lagoon right across from Cinderella's Castle. Every night for the fireworks they would turn off the lights so the fireworks could easily be seen. I could go on and on about the lounge! LOL! We really got spoiled!!

Here are some pics of our resort:

Our building

Our room

The Volcano Pool

The Beach

Inside the Main Ceremonial House (basically where all of the restaurants, shops and other stuff is)

These are just some of the pics of the resort. I'll put the random pics of it on the photo gallery website so it doesn't get too much on here.

The first night we just hung out at the resort. We ate dinner at our lounge, explored the resort and played on the beach. Isabelle went to bed relatively early in preparation for our big first day at Magic Kingdom!!

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Courtney said...

Yay for your first Disney post! I've been anxiously awaiting them :) Your resort looks wonderful, and how great to score free food and drinks!