Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm..

When I got Isabelle up this morning she informed me that her and Boo were going to the beach to see Papoo and Grandma! LOL! Guess Jason and I will be going to Disney alone.. I gotta admit that Jason would probably not have a problem with that because then him riding all of the big rides would be the priority and not Isabelle! HAHAHA!!!

Sorry that I have been slacking on adding pics lately. As I type this I am importing pics from our camera so I will try to get some up here before we leave for Disney! I also have some cute footage of Isabelle playing in her pool (don't worry..this is from when it was actually HOT here and not COLD like it is now..ok, so cold might be a little bit of an exaggeration but it is definitely too cold for swimming!) that hopefully I can get up. I probably will considering there is this overwhelming chore of packing that I am trying my hardest to put off actually doing and I am running out of distractions! hee hee!

We bought a new camera for the trip! Its just a basic point and click but regardless new cameras are very exciting for me! We wanted something that was compact and that we could just toss in my purse and not worry about it in Disney and my camera definitely does not fit that description!!

Ooh taco bell just arrived so I am off to eat my dinner! I'll try and get some pics up tonight if I get all of my bows finished!

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