Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pardon the Interruption

Sorry, I know everyone is hoping for another Disney post but I have late breaking news! (I promise I will update more about Disney today!!!)

Isabelle's gymnastics class started while we were at Disney so today was our first class. Well, in true Jen fashion (I swear having a kid has turned me into a blonde!), I showed up to the wrong class. But, hey, it was quite an acccomplishment that I actually arrived on the right day! HAHA! Anyway, Isabelle was supposed to be in the 2 yr old class Parent and Child. I showed up for the 3 yr old class - Little Bodies In Motion. Well, at first I had no clue until the other mom went to leave and I was still there. She asked if it was a parent/child class or if we left them and I said I thought this class was "Parent/Child". So the instructor said she thought her parent/child class was after this class and that this one was Little Bodies In Motion so she looked at her book and sure enough I was at Little Bodies in Motion. She said Isabelle could do this class this week and we would see if she was advanced enough to skip the 2 year old class. So I got to go work out during her class. When I went to pick her up the teacher said that Isabelle could stay in that class because she was doing all of the things that the other 3 year olds in the class were doing and would probably not be challenged very much in the 2 year old class anyway!! I was so proud of her!! She had so much fun doing a class all by herself without Mommy too! Of course I didn't leave the track that goes around the class room and kept peeking in every 10 seconds. LOL! She was so excited to tell me all of the things she got to do during gymnastics and she did tell me the whole way leaving the Y and then in the car ride to go get Kashmir from the puppy hotel (a whole other story!)! When we left she exclaimed, "I love gymnastics!"

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