Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 2~ Epcot

After 2 late nights, we decided to let Isabelle sleep in as late as she could this morning. We had a late breakfast/brunch scheduled at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort for 11:00 so we just hung out in the room until it was time for us to head over there.

We got to the Contemporary Resort a little early so we just walked around the shops. One of the workers fell in love with Isabelle and gave her a special "Princess of the Day" certificate! Isabelle loved this hat so of course Daddy had to buy it for her! ;o)

This was our first character meal and it was with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. Isabelle loved having all of the characters stop by our table to visit with her! I was really impressed with how much time they spent with each table!

Here are some pictures from our character brunch:

After our meal, we hopped on the monorail to Epcot. Daddy was very excited for Epcot as this is his favorite park! Isabelle was very excited about the big ball!

So, of course, we had to start off on the right foot by riding Spaceship Earth. Either they changed a lot of it to make it more enjoyable or I am finally at the age to enjoy the ride..either way it was actually fun for the first time! At the end they take your picture and then on your screen you get to create your future. It was really funny to see Isabelle's head bouncing around on this body on the screen.

Next we headed to the Nemo ride at the Seas. Isabelle loves fish so she really liked this ride! They had a lot of aquarium tanks set up throughout the building too. Isabelle got to see lots of different fish, dolphins and manatees. She really didn't want to leave the seas, but Mommy and Daddy were both excited to ride a childhood favortie, Journey Into the Imagination with Figment. Isabelle loves dragons so she was very into Figment..although I don't think she was as much as Daddy had hoped she would be! Haha! Then we went to "Honey, I shrunk the audience"..yeah, not as cool as we remembered it! Isabelle didn't really like this attraction and we were getting to naptime.

Here we are sportin' some super cool 3D shades!

Here we are in front of the fountains at the Imagination building

Isabelle took a nap in her stroller and Mommy read while Daddy waited in line for Soarin'. Then we swapped and I got to ride it. It was really cool! It simulates you hand gliding over California. It was really a lot of fun and very relaxing!

While Isabelle napped, we walked through the countries...Jason's favorite part of Epcot! When she woke up it was time for dinner so we ate at a restaurant in Italy.

Here we are at the restaurant in Italy

After dinner we had a little time for some more country exploring and then we settled in our spot for IllumiNations.

Jason was very excited about being able to walk around the park drinking beer.. it is the small things in life! LOL!

Isabelle in the giftshop of the Norway ride

We brought lots of glowsticks to keep Isabelle busy and entertained while we waited for the show to start. They really put on a great show! The fireworks seem to go on forever! We all really enjoyed it!

The park was closed when the show ended so we moved like a herd of cattle to the exits. It started raining a little so this helped move people along a little faster which I definitely liked! LOL!

We got back to our resort and it was off to bed for the little one.. ok, who am I kidding, I think we all passed out early that night!!!

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