Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 1 ~ Magic Kingdom

We woke up bright and early, had breakfast at the concierge lounge and hopped on the monorail to Magic Kingdom. Got off the monorail only to realize that we didn't bring both of our cards.. WOOOPPS! So, back on the monorail and back to the resort! Good thing we were staying close! We still made it back to Magic Kingdom just after the park opened. Right as we arrived, there was a show going on the stage at Magic Kingdom.

Isabelle was very excited with her first glimpse of all of her favorite characters! She watched with amazement as the danced around the stage!

After the show we headed to Fantasyland first. The first ride was the carousel which she was extremely excited about since this is one of her favorite rides!

We headed over to Dumbo's ride after the carousel. We weren't quite sure how she would like the up and down, but this ended up being one of her favorite rides (second, of course, to the carousel!)! She loved taking us up high and then having us fall down and would giggle through the whole ride! I think she is going to be a thrill seeker like her Daddy (which he is obviously very excited about! haha!)!!! Here we all are in our Dumbo

And, well, a trip to Disney World would not be complete without a ride through "Its a Small World"! While Jason and I think the dancing miniature dolls are a tad creepy, Isabelle was quite entranced with them. This was her face through the entire ride!

We also rode on Peter Pan's Flight, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Snow White's Scary Adventure. We weren't going to get on Snow White's ride because we thought it would be a little scary for her but she kept saying she wanted to get on it. She actually really loved it and it tops her favorite rides list at #3 actually! While in line for the Winnie the Pooh ride she got to get a glimpse of Tigger, Pooh and Darby (she is basically the modern day Christopher Robin for all of you that don't watch "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" every morning..and shame on you for that!) and she was very excited about that! The lines were not bad at all! Today was the worst for lines that we experienced all week. It seemed like for Sunday the most crowded sections were the sections for the younger kids and those rides actually had some longer wait times then the big kid rides. They still weren't bad though.. no longer then 20 mins I would say. We came prepared with little toys and stuff for Isabelle to do during lines so we never had any problem with them.

We didn't stand in line for any of the characters because we were having breakfast tomorrow with Mickey and Friends and then lunch on Tuesday with Tigger, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore. The lines to see the characters were pretty long (actually they were pretty short compared to high season lines but still long!).

Just a little shot of me and Isabelle in front of the castle

After Fantasyland we headed over to a counter service place to grab some lunch. Then Isabelle fell asleep in her stroller and it was Jason's turn for some fun (as he was thinking, "FINALLY!" LOL!)! We headed over to Big Thunder Mountain and he rode that while I found a cozy rocking chair in a shop and relaxed a bit while Isabelle napped.

Then we headed over to Space Mountain for him to ride that ride. After he got off that Isabelle woke up so Daddy's playtime was over for the time being. haha! We headed over to Mickey's Toontown Fair where Isabelle got to walk through Minnie and Mickey's houses. This was super exciting for her!!

Here are some pics of Minnie's house

Then we went inside this tent that had a line to meet 3 of the Princesses: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. These were the first "characters" Isabelle actually met. We weren't quite sure how she would be but she acted starstruck! She gave them all hugs, answered the questions they asked her and asked them to sign her book. When they were signing her book she would look over at us with this huge grin on her face and cover her mouth like "OMGosh do you see who I am talking to!!??!" LOL! It was the cutest thing ever! Here are some pics of Isabelle and the princesses. They were all so sweet to her! Oh and Isabelle's shirt had Cinderella on it and she was wearing her clear jellies so they all made a huge deal about her "glass slippers" and she was so excited to show Cinderella her shirt!

We tried to get her on the mini-coaster, "The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm", but the girl wouldn't let her get on. It said you had to be 35" and Isabelle was 35" at her 2 year check up but I guess she wasn't close enough on their stick. Oh well.. next time for sure!!! After that it was getting pretty hot and crowded so we hopped on the train at Toontown and took it to the Haunted Mansion. Isabelle loved the trainride and had fun squirting Daddy with the squirt bottle!

I was a little worried at how Isabelle would do on this ride but she did pretty well. If at anytime on any of the rides she got scared or overwhelmed she would just bury her face in my chest and I would cover her ears with my hands. It seemed to work pretty well because when we would get off of the ride she would always say it was a lot of fun! After Haunted Mansion we headed back to the resort for some downtime.

We ate at a restaurant in the resort called the Kona Cafe and afterwards we went to the beach to let Isabelle play with some of the glow sticks we had brought along.

Here is Mommy and Isabelle at dinner reading a book

Isabelle tormenting a group of ducks.. those poor ducks had no clue what was coming! LOL!

And Isabelle playing with her glowsticks and on the beach

Then it was off to bed to rest up for the next day.. brunch with Mickey and Friends and then Epcot! I have some more pics from day 1 that I will upload to the photo gallery website later along with the ones that I posted here.

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