Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! (a bit late)

I've been wanting to post for awhile but its been pretty busy here. I usually try and update the blog during naptime or after Isabelle is in bed. Lately I have been spending that time going through Isabelle's old clothes and getting them ready to sell or trying to get caught up on her scrapbook. When I haven't been working on that I really haven't wanted to do much else.

We do Valentine's Day as more of a family holiday so we went out for breakfast after exchanging cards and gifts. Isabelle has been obsessed with this singing and dancing lady (actually I think it is a man, but she calls it a lady) thing so we got her that. It really is the most ridiculous thing, but she loves this weird "lady". Oh and the funniest part is it sings "Love Machine"! HAHA! Then Jason saw a stuffed triceratops (Isabelle's favorite dinosaur) so he picked that up for her too. She also got conversation jelly beans. She was thrilled with all of her gifts.. it was too cute! She loved saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone!
Seriously, who is the little girl in these pictures!?!? I can't believe how much she looks like a little crazy.

Some other things I wanted to share.. Isabelle made heart shaped cupcakes for Valentine's Day. It was a lot of fun baking together. She was most excited to put the sprinkles on at the end. Of course we were all so excited to eat them that I forgot to get a picture of them finished! LOL!

She did a pretty good job and they tasted delicious!!! That's quite a compliment coming from someone who doesn't really like cake!

Can you tell this girl is excited to go to school!?!? In about 10 years I am guessing she will look at this picture and think, "what was wrong with me!?!?!" LOL!

Isabelle loves painting and doing crafts so we do a lot of them at home. She always gets really excited to do holiday themed crafts so we did a lot of stuff for Valentine's Day.

You can see that she just loves getting paint on her hands!
As you can probably guess finger painting is not something she ever asks to do!

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