Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chuck E Cheese Fun

Mindy and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese a week ago or so. They have both been asking to go for a while so they were really excited! Its not bad going at lunchtime on a weekday. Its not crowded at all so its nice that the kids can run around and burn some energy before naptime!
The carousel is definitely the favorite ride for them there! We just pick the table right next to it and they just keep putting in more tokens! You would think after Disney World's carousel and the double carousel at the mall that this would lose its appeal, but I guess not!
They are so funny to watch play air hockey. They will pass the puck back and forth a few times and if no one hits the goal then they start putting it in their own goals..of course then they cheer for themselves!
We definitely get our money's worth on this game though. One token lasts for 7 points and it usually takes them about 10-15 minutes for one of them to score 7 points.
Another favorite of Isabelle's is the horse race. She is in love with horses and talks about wanting to ride them all of the time. We are both excited for when she gets to ride an actual horse for the first time!

This trip they has accumulated 88 tickets so they each got 44 for a prize. Of course it works best when the prize is the same so they each got a lollipop, a little airplane and stickers. It was quite an exciting day for them already and then to get a surprise at the end just topped it off!

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