Monday, March 16, 2009

Words some of you thought you would never hear...

guess who is a working woman!??!!? MEEE!!! can you believe it? its ok.. i know there were many of you that said no and i am ok with that because quite honestly i think jason and i are still both in shock too! and wait till you hear this.. i have not only 1 job but TWO! ok..i use the term "job" loosely. lol

so my first job is a question answerer.. how cool is that? on one of my moms boards a lady posted about how she works for this company called ChaCha and that they were looking for new guides. she doesn't have a schedule and can work whenever she wants to and has some extra time. the words "doesn't have a schedule" and "work whenever she WANTS to" were pure music to my ears..i am so not good with schedules..they make me feel tied down and overwhelmed. so i checked it out and applied. i had to take some tests and the final test i had to wait 2 days to see if i was quite nerve wracking! i did pass though! so now at night when we are watching tv i am also making some extra money for myself! oh, so the service is free...basically you can text a question to ChaCha and then guides are logged into the site on the computer and we look up the questions and answer them. some people are really fast and make decent money.. i am still a little slow, but i am working on my speed. so if you ever have a question just text it to ChaCha (242242) and maybe i will be the one to answer it! i get excited when i see a question from ft wayne or a neighboring town and i have even gotten a few from lancaster!

oh and my 2nd job! this one pays better so i am excited about that. lol! this one i have thanks to my dad who told me about it! i work for a marketing company that does online video listings for houses that are for sale. i am one of the writers for the company and i write scripts for the videos. i haven't started doing it yet, but i think it is going to be fun.

obviously the thing i am most excited about is having a little extra cash on the side that is just mine to do with what i want..i am sure 9 times out of 10 it will be spent on the kids, but now if there is something that i want for me then i can save up and get it on my own. anyway i am really excited! and i have started selling off isabelle's old clothes. i am participating in a best brands consignment sale on march 28th. i just sent off 2 boxes of clothes to that and i have a bunch of stuff to start listing on ebay. if you can't tell i am very excited about all of my money making opportunities that i have right now!

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