Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Look who's been found!!! I am pretty sure I posted that Boo had been missing since January and that I had been randomly tearing the house apart trying to find him. Well the search is over!

I was on the computer during naptime when all of a sudden a thought came in my head that I should check the bins of Christmas decorations in the attic. Our ceiling in the garage is really high and I have been known to be a clumsy person so I am generally not allowed in the attic unsupervised. LOL! I climb up the ladder that is falling apart and get myself into the attic only to find that the light has burned out. So back down the ladder and into the house to find a flashlight. Flashlight in hand I head back into the attic. Jason has the attic really organized so all of the Christmas stuff is all together. I got through each bin looking for Boo. I get through all of the bins with no luck. So then I am looking at the section of the attic with all of Isabelle's baby stuff and seeing what we are going to have to be pulling down soon. I spot a box sitting all by itself with red fabric coming out of it and it looks familiar like its a Christmas box. So I open it up and on top is our santa bag. I lift it out and there is obviously things in it. Inside were all of Isabelle's Christmas themed stuffed animals and..... BOO!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say that I am really glad that I did not pass out and fall through the hole! Isabelle was so happy to see him. She held him and giggled for like 10 minutes straight. It was the cutest thing.

I am excited to finally get a sound sleep tonight without the constant thought of "where is Boo" running through my mind. I have insomnia around 4am and have been laying in bed during that time thinking of all of the places Boo could possibly be. Tonight I will have nothing to think about so hopefully I won't have insomnia and if I do wake up then I won't have anything to keep my mind busy and I will fall back asleep. My fingers are crossed!

Needless to say it has been a very exciting afternoon in our house!!!

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