Monday, March 16, 2009

Who doesn't love a newborn!?!

yesterday Isabelle's best friend, Adan, became a big brother! his little sister, Blair Marie, was born at 6:57PM. she was 7 lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches.

isabelle and i went to go meet her this morning and OMG she is the most precious little thing! i was so thankful a baby had already taken up residence in my uterus because she made my ovaries ache! lol! too much information, i know! ;o) she reminded me so much of isabelle as a baby. she is 1 oz bigger and .5 inches smaller then isabelle was at birth so it was crazy to think isabelle was at one time almost exactly that size! oh and she smelled so good. i wish i could bottle up the smell of a newborn. she is so perfect and i think she resembles her big brother so much. i can't wait to see her and hold her again. i was so completely engulfed with looking at her and smelling her that i forgot to take a picture! well, good thing i know i will be seeing more of her soon! :o)

for the past 7 months i have been waiting with mindy for her to have her baby.. it really seemed like it was never going to get here, but now it has come and gone and now i am left yearning for sushi and wine all by myself..woe is focus jen back to the point.. and now next is my turn! yay! oh but this is how strange i am.. on sunday when mindy was texting me updates throughout the day i was so wishing i was in labor getting ready to have a baby..and not because i am sick of being pregnant or anything.. just because it sounded like fun. yeah, i need help..i think that is pretty clear now.

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