Monday, March 16, 2009

House stuff...

we are officially finished the remodeling part of the nursery! yay!!! it has taken a little while but we have learned sooooo much! we can already see how much we have learned and how much faster isabelle's room is going to go.

saturday we moved isabelle into the nursery so she is trying out the room to make sure it is in good shape for her little brother. she was very excited about her big responsibility!

here are the pics of the completed remodeled nursery...

jason's windowsill that he made all by himself! it is very impressive! he had to extend the sill then do the fancy stuff underneath to make it pretty. i love the way it turned out!

pay no attention to the tinker bell in the closet! lol!

we are really happy with how everything turned out. we weren't sure if we were going to keep the doors wood or sand them and paint them white. they are really nice doors and the stain was a color that we both liked so we decided to try them out like that first. we really like the way it adds a little character and breaks up all of the least we think so! with the new moulding and the new door hardware they really feel like new doors! now i just have to get some wood cleaner and clean them up and then they will be good as new!

also with the crown moulding we ended up having to do a 2 piece crown to get the look that we wanted. it was quite a bit more work but we are so happy that we did it!

sunday we demo'd isabelle's room. she said that she wants a pink and purple princess room (this girl could seriously not get any more girly..i am not kidding you!!!) so we told her that while she is trying out the baby's room that we will turn her room into a princess room. well on sunday she came in the room while i was removing the old moulding and jason was tearing out the closet. the look on her face was priceless. she said, "what are you guys doing?" so we told her then she said, "you are supposed to make this a princess room. this is not a princess room". lol! she was so took all jason and i had to not burst into laughter! she is really excited for painting her room. she carries around her paintbrush all the time just in case it is time to paint.

oh here are the before pics of her room

we got all of the demo work done really quickly yesterday. this week jason is going to patch holes in the walls and scrape the popcorn ceiling. then saturday he is going to spray up the knockdown texture and hopefully sunday we will be starting on the trim and casing! it is already going so much faster then the nursery! also *fingers crossed* i won't have a nightmare with the electrical this time!

so that is what is going on house-wise. i think the bedrooms are all that we will get done before the baby gets here. after that is the kids' bathroom and we really have no clue what we are doing in that department so i think it is probably best if we aren't down 1 bathroom when the baby is born considering my mom will be here! lol!

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