Monday, March 30, 2009

This past weekend Mom, Jeff, Jess and Josh came for a visit. It was a very relaxing visit.. well at least for me considering I got to take a nap every day with Isabelle. Hee hee!

How convenient to have an expert handyman in the house during remodeling!??!! LOL! Of course we couldn't get through the weekend without putting Jeff to work! ;o) Jeff, Jason and Josh installed the baseboard, casing and window sill in Isabelle's room. Jason and I were amazed at how quickly it was all installed considering what is a weekend project for us only took a few hours with Jeff here! We really learned a lot and had a lot of questions for Jeff. I think it was good we had already completed a room on our own so we knew what questions to ask. We also learned a lot of time saving tips which is always nice!!

The guest expert hard at work! LOL!
Jason and Josh trying to figure out what all those lines are on a measuring tape! ;o)
It just dawned on me that I forgot to take a picture of it all finished. I'll have to remember to go do that!

I had taken Isabelle to It's Playtime on Wednesday and she picked up a bug that must be going around. She had a low grade fever from Thursday to Saturday evening. Every one of those days she asked if we could go to the mall, but I told her that we couldn't go until her fever was better. Well Sunday she woke up without a fever and didn't have one all morning so she was determined that we were going to the mall! It really is one of her favorite places to go. She tells me all of the time that she loves the mall. Of course we had to oblige and head to the mall! I am pretty sure everyone was ok with it though because that meant lunch at our family favorite, Red Robin!

Our weekends have been so packed and busy that it was so rejuvenating to have a relaxed weekend with lots of quality time together! I don't know about anyone else, but I know me and Isabelle both had a great weekend! Oh yeah and I know Kashmir did too! LOL!
This morning was really hard for Isabelle when they left. Seeing her little eyes fill with tears just broke my heart. :o( I am pretty sure Kashmir shed a tear or 2 when her buddy, Josh, left too!

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