Friday, March 20, 2009

Science is cool!

Ahh.. how sad is it that children these days are growing up without the teachings from Bill Nye the Science Guy? Thank goodness for youtube I guess! Yes, I was a dork.. I liked that show! LOL! Anyway, Isabelle and I had some science fun a couple of weeks ago we went to Science Central.

We hadn't been to Science Central since Isabelle turned 2 so it was rather amazing how many things she remembered. The first one being the hot air balloon. Last time we were there she just liked watching it go up and down but this time she enjoyed being the one to push the button (all by herself of course!) and watch the balloon rise.

There is also this room that they have that is tilted. Isabelle loves it.. me not so much. It really thrown off my equilibrium and makes me feel dizzy. Of course she wanted to go in it like a million times!

Then we headed to the preschool area which has lots of activities (and a SLIDE! LOL!) that she really enjoys. She loves the water table.

OCD you think? LOL! She definitely has her same and different's down!

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