Thursday, December 18, 2008

Potties, Pregnancy and Playtime

Potty training is still going really well! Isabelle has only been in panties (except naptime and bedtime we put a diaper on her) since, oh gosh.. whatever day that was last week..ehhh..maybe Thurs or Fri(??)and has only had 1 accident! The accident was a little anticipated as it was the first time we were with all of her friends. She stopped going though and told me she had to go potty and went the rest in the toilet. I was so proud of her! Then today she was playing with Adan and went in the potty twice without any accidents! She has really done awesome!

As for pooping in the potty..well, she isn't really a fan... she is, but she doesn't like to just sit there and wait to be all done...she's got things to do! Haha! I figured pooping in the potty would be harder to get, but she'll figure it out!

Baby #2 is doing good as well. I felt him/her move a couple of weeks ago and now I feel it all the time. We are really excited for our ultrasound appointment. We have been working hard on our names lists! I am 99.9% sure we have it narrowed down to one name for our boy name. As for girl names we still have a little list, but keep talking about the top 3. I am excited to find out the sex so then we only have to focus on one side! We are waiting until we know the sex and are for sure that is the name we are going with before we tell anyone our names. Hearing people's opinions of the names we were deciding on was one of the most annoying parts of our pregnancy with Isabelle so we are trying to avoid that at all costs. LOL! I have learned that once you are set in stone with a name and say, "the name of our child WILL BE blah blah blah" that people tend to keep their opinions to's all about saying it with authority, at least I think. So we'll do a comparison study and see how my theory pans out.

In other news, here is a little video of Isabelle playing dolls with Daddy from this past weekend.. I think it is actually more like Daddy playing with dolls and Isabelle watching, but it is entertaining nonetheless. :o)

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