Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

Gammy, Pappy, Aunt Jess and Josh all came out to visit for Thanksgiving. It was really a great visit! Thursday Mom and Jeff cooked Thanksgiving dinner (very yummy, of course!!) and we just hung out at home all day. Isabelle really had a blast with all of the playing she got to do. The funniest was seeing her con Josh into playing dolls and playing with her make-up table. He is such a good sport! HAHA! Isabelle really enjoyed watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and got excited when a character she knew was on tv. I think though that she might have been a little more excited about the dog show on afterwards! She sure loves dogs!!!

Friday we went out with the rest of the crazies shopping. I really didn't think it was that busy. Jason had to work so he didn't get to go along. Isabelle did awesome! We probably got to the mall around 10:30 (no we aren't the crazy people that are up and at 'em at like 3AM) and got back home at 6:00.. it was quite a day! Since we aren't ones to monkey with tradition we had to eat lunch at the same place we eat every year.. Red Robin! I love Red Robin though so I am ok with this!! We were all exhausted after a day of shopping and Jason was tired from his day at work so we ordered dinner in and just hung out at home. Isabelle was very excited to get to experience Aunt Jess's first viewing of "The Little Mermaid" with her!

Saturday we ran around for a bit and got some more Christmas shopping done and then went to Steak and Shake...another tradition..haha! Every time they visit we HAVE to get shakes.. they are so good! Isabelle's favorite is strawberry... and boy can she suck that baby down! LOL! Then we headed back home. Jason got a new game for Wii so he and Josh were excited to try it out while Isabelle helped Aunt Jess sharpen her make-up skills!

They left really early Sunday morning and Isabelle was very sad that they had already left when she got up. We told her that we would be seeing them very soon for Christmas and that made her feel better. Now everyday I get to hear, "I am going to see Gammy very soon" LOL!

Now, is this or is this not the creepiest picture ever? HAHA!! What a weirdo!

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