Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little bit of everything

Isabelle and I went to my 14 week appointment last week. I am used to going to the Dr's and experiencing a lot of waiting both in the waiting room and then in the room. Well this week we were at the Dr's office for a total of 15 minutes!!! This has never in 8 years happened before! I really wasn't quite sure how to react..and neither did Isabelle. We are at the Dr's so long that she knows exactly what toys she is going to play with in the waiting room and then also in the exam room. She was very distraught that we didn't even make it to the waiting room toys before we were ushered to our room and then we weren't in our room long enough for her to play with those toys either. So, I was very happy with the visit and Isabelle was not very happy. LOL!

Her unhappiness started the day before though. She always gets very excited to go to the Dr's to see how the baby is growing. I told her the day before that we would be going to the Dr's the next day and she got very upset. She said, "those ladies not touch your belly, Mommy"..she is my little protector. :o) I tried to talk to her about what they were doing and why they had to do it.. well one of the things I said must not have sounded the same to her because she thought I said they were going to punch my belly and Isabelle is very aware that you do not punch people and you definitely do not punch Mommy's belly. She was VERY upset about this.. of course nothing that I said made her feel any better or convinced her otherwise.

The next morning we get ourselves all ready for the Dr's appointment and she keeps telling me over and over "you not let those ladies touch you, Mommy". Oh and she told me I wasn't allowed to lay on the bed in the room either. LOL! She is very bossy. I told her that she could come up with me when the Doctor came in so that she could see everything that was going on and make sure everything was ok. Thank goodness that seemed to appease her and she was happy with our little arrangement.

We both hop up on the bed and the midwife measures and then lets us hear the baby's heartbeat. After like 15 seconds into hearing the heartbeat Isabelle must have decided that I was in good hands and that it was safe for her to go play now. LOL!

Her level of concern was so dear though! It really is quite funny to me though that she considers herself my protector. When it is cold out I will pick her up and we will run inside.. she always tells me "I hold you Mommy and keep you warm and safe" HAHA! Also, if I even think of mentioning that it is cold out she starts into her lecture that I need a hood and that she is going to get me a hood so I am warm! Such a little worrywart she can be!

But as far as the pregnancy everything is going great so far. My blood pressure is good and I am feeling great. We are into the 2nd trimester now so I am getting my energy back and starting to feel like my old self again. So far I have been really good about my diet..don't worry though if there is something not good that sounds heavenly I definitely eat it.. I am pregnant afterall and not looking to be miserable! ;o) hee hee! I am really proud of keeping up with my exercise routine. I think it has really helped in how I am feeling this pregnancy. I know statistically women have a harder time losing the weight after the 2nd pregnancy then they did with the first. I am hoping that keeping active and exercising is going to help the weight come off afterwards.

I felt the baby move last week! He/She felt like they were doing somersaults! I was really excited to start to feel the movements! With Isabelle, being pregnant was pretty much all I thought about for 9 months.. this time I am so distracted with Isabelle that most times I forget I am pregnant. I get more reminders though now that I am starting to feel the baby so I am really excited about that. Not thinking about it 24/7 though sure is making the pregnancy fly by so far! Oh, and one last thing.. we find out the sex on January 8th!! Super excited for that!!!! I can't believe it is almost already that time!!

And a quick update on Jason.. he is really busy at work this month. I am so glad about that! He hasn't really seen much of a change at work with how the economy is and we are so thankful for that. We weren't quite sure how December would go since it is historically such a huge month for him, but he is really busy!! It is such a stressor when your income is based on people buying things. I am so thankful though for how hard he works to provide for us and give me the opportunity to stay home and raise our kids! Ok, *GAG* sorry to get all mushy mushy..those darn hormones are acting up again!

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