Monday, July 6, 2009

Silly Little Girl

So I think I am safe to say now that I think our sweet little Isabelle has returned (once again) to us....THANK HEAVENS!! Wow, it was quite a ride dealing with her alter-ego (Claire as I call her.. hee hee!)!
I wasn't sure if it was another adjustment period or if this was just going to be the hand we were dealt for the 3's...I was really hoping it was just her adjusting. It was pretty much the same stuff we went through the first few days home from the hospital...she was just flat out mean..never to Schuyler though thankfully.
Then she went back to normal and all was good.....and then Claire came back again once Sky hit 3 weeks. I guess that was when he woke up a little more and found his voice so he required a little more attention. Oh, and he hit the 3 week growth spurt so he was eating all of the time. seriously. no exaggeration. all of the time. So I guess (hope) it was a mix of that and the weather had been so nice that we had been going outside after dinner to play or swim or whatever so she was getting to bed later..and well, heaven forbid she actually sleep in to account for staying up. Nope..she just isn't wired that way I guess!
She's been back now for a week. At first I was fearful every morning as to "who" was going to be crawling in bed with me in the morning, but now I am back to looking forward to my smiley, giggly cuddle bug busting through the bedroom door for some snuggle time! I guess its about time for her to throw us for another loop, huh? Hope not.
The backpack that she has on here was made for her by Great Grandma Humer. This girl is all about bags and things that have her name on it (as he bag does) so it was quite a hit. It now goes with us everywhere..which is great because she keeps some toys in it so I don't have to dig through my bag to find them now when at restaurants or in the grocery store or wherever we are that Isabelle needs a little distracting!
I swear I had this exact same outfit when I was 3. At first I was like there is no way I am buying her a romper. Then they started looking cuter and so I thought I would just get it and try it on her and if I hated it (like I expected to) then we would just return it. Well, it was just the cutest thing so of course instead of returning it I had to go get a couple more. True Jen style! hee hee! ;o)
And those bubble wands are seriously awesome. I think this one came from Aunt Jess. Anyway, you should see some of the bubbles that come out of this thing. Its pretty impressive. I'll admit I had my doubts at its true awesomeness, but it really is pretty cool and very entertaining.
Graham crackers..Isabelle's new favorite snack. I think she would eat a whole box in one sitting if I let her.. that's actually saying a lot considering this girl really doesn't eat very much!
I have no clue what she's doing on the trampoline.. looks like some sort of trampoline dancing.. who knows.. maybe it will be the next big thing and she will become famous.
I don't know the specifics of trampoline dancing, but I gotta say I am pretty impressed. LOL! Speaking of dancing, we are signing Izzie up for dance lessons starting this fall. She loooovveess to dance so she is so excited. She asks all of the time when dance will start. Guess I need to get on the ball with figuring out where she is going to go so we don't miss sign ups!
Let me just say what a big helper this little girl is! She helps so much with helping us to take care of Schuyler. If he spits up she will go get a burp rag and clean it up... when he cries she likes to announce why he is crying..the crazy part is that she is usually right. I guess its not that hard when he pretty much only cries when he is hungry or tired, but whatever its still impressive! She loves picking out what he is going to wear and I'll admit that I am really not all that excited about that. I'm not allowed to really pick out her clothes anymore so I was excited to get to dress a kid again...nope...apparently not. Gosh she is so bossy and opinionated. If I come down with an outfit for him and its not what she would have picked she'll say, "Mommy, Schuyler does not want to wear that outfit". I told her that when Schuyler can talk then he is allowed to have an opinion, but until then he gets to have my opinion.
Oooh and she's really started helping out around the house. She is now in charge of putting away the utensils and cooking spoons and spatulas and stuff after I put away any sharp things. She also helps with the laundry by sorting the socks. Now if only I could get her to pick up her toys regularly...

Well the little one has woken up and *SURPRISE* he needs to eat and typing with one hand is not too fun. Cross your fingers that Claire doesn't return any time soon! ;o)

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