Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boy does this little guy love sleeping on our bed! This is during day..he fell asleep while I was in the bathroom getting ready. But just a little side note about him loving our bed..we just started putting him in his crib at night and every morning after he eats (this is like at 5:30/6:30AM) I will put him back in his crib and he will just whine and grunt and make a whole slew of sounds. Well one morning he woke Isabelle up and that is like waking a sleeping just don't want to do that. So now I am paranoid he is going to wake her up so I will grab him before he gets too loud and just stick him in bed with me. I think that I am being played again though because I find it a little odd that once he is in our bed there is no whining, crying or grunting and he instantly falls into a deep sleep. ;o) Oh well..I get sleep, he gets sleep and Isabelle gets sleep so for now I am just going with it!

So sorry for the icky picture quality and orange glow... He was rootching around (and out comes the Pennsylvania Dutch..haha!) so I just grabbed my camera and didn't change any settings. In these situations I need to grab my point and shoot and just keep it set on Auto! Maybe one of these days I will learn!

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