Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I had these photos on the desktop to share for like 2 weeks so he already looks totally different. I just can't keep up! haha!
Sky is doing well....growing like a weed! I am not sure if I shared this last week or not..if I did please forgive me for repeating myself. Last week I went to the nursing mother's meeting at the hospital so I could weigh Schuyler. Since he's our 2nd child, he doesn't have a well baby visit until 2 months...I guess they think we are now capable or something. Well I was nervous that he wasn't gaining enough weight and I didn't want to wait until he was 2 months to find it out. So we went to the meeting to weigh him. Well he was 6lbs 6 oz at birth and last Tuesday he weighed 8 lbs 14 oz. He had a full diaper so I am sure its more like 8lbs 10oz. I called the Dr's office to make sure that was a good amount for him to gain his first month and they said it was great. So yay! Isabelle has always been a lot like me in that she doesn't really care much about food and eating so her eating has always been a source of stress. Thank goodness Sky likes his food! LOL! It has been so nice not having to watch the clock and set alarms to make sure he is eating often enough....the boy sure lets me know when he is hungry and it is awesome!
He's also smiling all of the time now.. its the sweetest smile. You just pick him up and he gives you the biggest smile. I just love it.
He always has that little forehead wrinkled...its so cute..
He sleeps really well too. He usually goes about 5 hours his first stretch..so from 10 to 3.. and then 3 hours his second stretch ( 3-6) and then 2 hours his third stretch (6-8). He's a great napper too!
And then there's Kashmir. She is so protective of him just like she was of Isabelle. She likes to be right where he is, but she knows she needs to stay back if we have him on the floor. She also knows she isn't allowed to lick him.. that is really hard for her to restrain herself from doing! Kashmir is definitely a licker!

Ok well gotta go feed Sky and then its off to bed for us!

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