Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I think the weather has been awesome this summer...well, when it hasn't been raining and cold.. but other then the raining and cool weather it's been perfect..in my opinion at least. I guess the good part about having some cool and rainy days is that when it is nice out we want to be outside all day! I guess I really don't have much to say considering I just wrote multiple sentences about the weather. I must be getting old ;o)

Anyway, not quite sure where I was planning to go with all of that but the end result was here are some recent pictures of Isabelle. I still need to do her 3 year pictures. Every night I say that the next morning we will go outside to take advantage of the early morning light and get them done...but then the next morning gets here and staying in our pj's a little longer sounds more appealing. One day though..I promise.

One bonus to the cooler weather is that we are getting much use out of our zoo pass this summer so far! Usually we are there a lot April to June but then it gets mega hot and we don't go very much in July and August. So far this July though we have been there many times and have already paid for our membership in trips. My favorite part about having a membership is that we will usually just do the farm (Isabelle's favorite part), then one other section and end up at the frog pond because what fun is it to leave the zoo when you are 3 if you aren't soaking wet? Here are some photos from our recent trips to the zoo.

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