Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When I posted the updated pictures of Isabelle's room I meant to keep going with adding posts but, well, obviously that didn't happen! I forget what happened that distracted me, but I am sure it was something VERY important! LOL!

Anyway, I realize this is almost a month late (can you believe it is almost MAY!?!?!) but I wanted to share some pictures from Easter. We did a lot of painting on Easter..walls, ceiling, eggs! hee hee! Isabelle has become obsessed with putting things in the closet beside the front door so that is where we hid her basket this year. It was the 2nd place she looked. The 1st was behind the couch.. which actually was the first place we thought of putting it but then remembered we have a dog and she would probably eat everything in the basket the minute we walked out of the room!

The Easter Basket..she picked out the basket of course it is pink and purple!

Dyeing eggs with Daddy

Showing off her bowl full of Princess eggs!

We got the Disney Princess egg decorating set this year. She was very specific which stickers and princesses went with which colored eggs. Jason was the first one to eat one of the eggs and I thought it was going to give her a heart attack. She said, "Daddy, why are you breaking my eggs!?!?!" HAHA!

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