Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gosh I have so much to update about... I think I'll start with Isabelle's room.

These pictures are from what feels like forever ago, but it is after all of the moulding was in and I think it was painted at this point too.

As I have said before, Isabelle said that she wanted pink and purple walls for her room. We decided to do her closet purple and her room pink. She has been so excited to start painting her room. She had asked almost every day since we started her room if that was the day we were painting. She didn't want to help paint the closet purple so I started there and told her I would come get her when it was time for her to paint the pink. I planned to get most of the pink done before having her paint, but after I had 2 walls done she decided to come up and check on the progress. She didn't know that I had started the pink and when she walked in the room she just gasped and got the biggest smile on her face and said "oh Mommy I LOVE it!" It was the cutest thing ever! So then of course she had to help paint! She started off with the roller and a little bit on her fingers and toes and then decided to ditch the roller and just use her hands. That ended up in quite a mess but, oh well, its her room and she had fun!

Jason drew a castle on the wall and he and Isabelle painted it purple. She told him that she wanted flags off of the tallest towers and then she said she wanted stars around the castle. We still have to do some stars but the castle and flags are done now. I'm going to do the stars this morning.

And here is the room (minus the stars) ready for furniture!!! The chandellier doesn't really photograph well but it looks really good in the room. Isabelle is really excited and loves it!

Yesterday we moved in her furniture and so last night was her first night sleeping in her princess room! We still have some stuff to do until it is finished so you'll have to wait a little longer for the finished pics. The room is really coming together and we think it looks really cute. Isabelle came in after her new bedding was on the bed and she said a whole bunch of super cute things about how much she loved has been so fun redoing her room with how involved and appreciative and excited she has been! I can't wait to share pics of the final product!!!

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Courtney said...

Very cute! I like the castle :)