Wednesday, April 8, 2009

THE Princess Room update

Right now Isabelle has 2 rooms..the room she is sleeping in and her real room. Well she seemed to be getting a little too comfortable in her new room that we were kind of nervous about what would happen when she moved back in to her old room hence her room now being dubbed "the princess room". Hey whatever works, right?!?! She loves it and is super excited so that's all that matters.

All of the construction remodeling work is done so now we are just doing all finishing work. We hung the crown moulding last weekend and today I started painting the left over stained woodwork white...which is why there are so many posts today as I am putting off doing the 2nd coat for as long as possible. hee hee! Our plan is to be moving Isabelle back into the room by the end of the weekend. Her bedding arrived on Monday and she just loves it! We went with the "Elizabeth" set from Pottery Barn Kids. It has castles and carriages and princess things all over it with the bonus of butterflies and stars..definitely the perfect bedding for Isabelle! She really loves it!
As I may or may not have mentioned Isabelle wants pink and purple walls. Well Jason really wanted to do green walls with the bedding and set out to negotiate with Isabelle.... needless to say, Isabelle won! Good thing his clients aren't as cute as Isabelle (or at least he can't see them if they are! LOL!) or else we would be in the poor house!

I just uploaded the pics from doing the crown and I forgot about this one.. Isabelle and her new tool belt! She was so excited to have a tool belt for helping out!

I just took some pictures today of the crown all hung and the room ready to be painted but they are still on the camera. I'll post them when I upload the pics from the camera.

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