Saturday, August 9, 2008

Strawberry Love

Isabelle and I both have a love of strawberries...we love eating them, we love strawberry flavored things and we love clothes with strawberries on them..for her not for me! ;o) She has quite a few outfits that are decorated with strawberries, but I think this dress is both of our favorites this summer. She would wear it everyday if I let her...and I think I would let her except she is obsessed with eating yogurt everyday. She's not the world's cleanest yogurt eater so then that would mean I would have to wash the dress everyday and, well, that is just not going to happen! Haha!

She's working on figuring out her tricycle. She's almost got it.

She will go forward a little and then go backwards but can't continuously go forward yet. I think she'll have it by the end of the week though.

From the look on her face it appears that I am more confident in that then she is. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Biting her lip just like Mommy does. haha!

Oh the drama! Its so hard being two. It really is.. you have no clue!

I secretly do wish I had this dress, but I wish it would look just as cute on me. Fat chance of that happening. LOL! I digress, I love when she runs with her arms behind her. I am sure it is for the purpose of being more aerodynamic..she's smart like that.

Running down to the apple tree to gather apples. She is quite the fan of apples! That's good because someone needs to eat all of those apples and Jason and I really aren't big fans of apples. She even likes them before they are fully ripe. Strange.

And here she comes with her of which I will be forced to eat (blech!). I would be much more excited if she came back bearing strawberries...oh but goodness I can't even think of all of the oxy clean that it would take to get all of those stains out! Yikes!

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