Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New house!

Welcome to our new house! I'll post more pics of the inside and backyard when I get around to taking them. There's not too much inside right now..our whole main floor (except for our bedroom) is pretty much empty. We've kept all of our downstairs furniture in the old house to try and help it sell. So our current kitchen table consists of camping chairs and tv trays. Whatever works! The camping chairs also double as our living room furniture when we are in the living room. Very versatile! Isabelle and Kashmir seem to like it without the furniture..lots of room to run around and act crazy! We pretty much do all of our living in the basement in Isabelle's playroom.. lots of toys, our tiny TV that is usually in our bedroom (since our normal tv is still in our entertainment center at the old house), and our futon (not very comfortable I have come to learn)! We are as settled in as we will be for awhile. Hopefully the old house sells fast!!! We have quite the laundry list of renovations we will be doing though and can't wait to get started! Promise to post more pics of the house soon!

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Courtney said...

The house looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures and see the changes you want to make!